Alfa Romeo Giulia: not all are going to be German, what is positioned in front of the Lexus IS and Infiniti Q50?

we Already know the prices of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, in fact we have already compared to the new sedan Alfa Romeo with their more direct rivals, the Audi A4, the Mercedes C-Class and the BMW 3 Series, but, what happens with the Lexus IS and the Infiniti Q50? We do not forget the alternatives are japanese, so that it is positioned for the price the Alfa Romeo Giulia in front of the Lexus IS and Infiniti Q50:

Not only options German the client lives of sedans premium:

ranges Lexus IS and the Infiniti Q50 are much more simplified that the ranges of the alternatives German, meeting with only one option hybrid in the ranks of the Lexus IS, the Lexus IS 300h and with an option of diesel and other hybrid in the ranks of the Infiniti Q50, being in this way positioned in front of the Alfa Romeo.

Lexus IS 300h (see the proof of the Lexus IS 300h) proposes a hybrid (gasoline) 223 horses, with a price starting 35.900 euros. By power stands above all alternatives in the range of the Alfa Romeo except, of course, the Quadrifoglio Verde, but for the price what can we compare with the alternative diesel 150 hp, which, as we recall, from 34.550 euro, so that with the margin, with that difference, we could go to a top finish.

In the case of the Infiniti, we must discard the Infiniti Q50 hybrid, given their positioning for power and price. Instead we take as a reference to the alternative diesel, a Infiniti Q50 2.2 d with 170 horses from 36.750 euros. With this price the Infiniti would be half way, for the money, including a better version equipped with 150 horses and the Giulia of 180 horses, that part from 37.850 euos.

you Can learn more details about the prices and equipment of the Alfa Romeo Giulia (finishes, options with automatic switching…) in the article “The new Alfa Romeo Giulia already has a price! Diesel: from 33.150€”.