Alfa Romeo Giulia: thus dramatically seen inside

A new assortment of images of the interior of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia comes before us. Simple production without fanfare or prosecuted unofficial but extremely effective, ready to offer a new and comprehensive vision of what we will find inside the Alfa Romeo Giulia … and no, I could not have better pint.

These photos come to us from the Facebook Alfa Romeo-Il cuore has semper ragione

In front we find a dashboard with minimal buttons, a large screen and much carbon fiber . To our right, from the driver’s seat, a central tunnel where three spinners, including manages the multimedia system and yes, more carbon fiber.


P edals sports a great-looking steering wheel … and what seats! Alfa Romeo Giulia presented to using more performance variant, a Quadrifoglio Verde and clear their seats had to be the height of such a logo, choosing a backets where again carbon fiber is present.

Under the hood mechanical source V6 with 510 horsepower Ferrari perfect weight distribution, a stiff chassis, 1,525 kg of saloon able to score a 0-100 km / h in 3.9 seconds , capable of 300 km / h. We can no longer have more desire to get behind the wheel.

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Gallery inside the Alfa Romeo Giulia:

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