Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce, among others, to combat crime in Italy

Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce policía italiana

is Not the first time that we talk about brand-new police vehicles, sports and supercars for a fight, in theory, against the crime. It is widely known that the best fleet of police vehicles is located in Dubai, where it is not uncommon to see cars of brands such as Bugatti, Lamborghini or Ferrari with rotary on the top and vinyl on the body that warn of their presence.

In Spain, and specifically in Madrid, there are also some other tourism of high performance, as is the case of the Renault Mégane RS a few years ago, received the body from police, although make an appearance on rare occasions and in very special situations. This time we talk about Italy, which has been recently introduced some models belonging to the marks of FCA to fulfill as official vehicles, although are not or much less comparable with the supercars of Dubai.

Jeep Renegade policía italiana

The vehicles received by the “Polizia” in the mediterranean country shaped like a boot are Alfa Romeo Giulietta with the diesel 1.6 120 HP, Jeep Renegade 2.0 diesel 4×4 with 140 HP, as well as several units of Fiat Type, Doubled up, the Panda 4×4, Punto, Ducato and Scudo. The body of Italian policeman takes several decades of experience working with Alfa Romeo, although we have also recently seen fleets with a significant number of units of the Seat León.

in Addition to the vehicles mentioned above, called particular attention to the units of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce that will be added to the fleet; although we remember that we received two Giulia Quadrifoglio with its 510 HP just a few months ago. The Giulia Veloce uses an engine 2 liters of gasoline eroga 280 HP and 400 Nm; though far away from the Quadrifoglio, manages to deliver a performance more than high. The version Veloce distributes its power among the four wheels, being able to pass from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. Do not will anything evil agents that use it.