Alfa Romeo is stealing with the Stelvio customers to the premium German

When the Group Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA) announced its industrial plan we saw that they played the all-or-nothing Alfa Romeo. The new range of models that the group was going to provide the signature of the “biscione” was a leap forward as big that many people thought wouldn’t do well. The Giulia was the tip of the spear, but the consecration of this strategy has come from the hand of the new SUV from the house, Stelvio.

Its arrival to the market has of course a shake-up for the, boring, SUV segment premium, because most of their clients with a purchasing power level medium high only valued models of source teuton. This was the hard core of the market that I wanted to get Alfa Romeo with the Stelvio and according to have revealed that leaders of the Italian house it seems that the public is responding to the new proposal of the brand.

Alfa Romeo Giulia put the customers in alarm on the offensive that the Italian house was going to launch in the future. The customers have gone to the dealers of the brand to learn about the features of this model and many have finally decided to be done with one. However, it has not been until the arrival of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio that the data have corroborated the theory of the brand and FCA.

According to the plans of the Italian group, the new range of models Alfa Romeo should to steal customers of the German firms is already consecrated. But in addition also had to lower the average age of the clients of the firm. All in all, according to the first statistics and data provided by Alfa Romeo, 50 percent of the customers who have purchased a Stelvio did not mean to acquire a model of the firm.

furthermore, according to this information, these customers before purchasing the Alfa Romeo had been owners of premium models German. The brands that are most affected by the Italian offensive have been Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even Porsche. In addition, two relevant data we can extract from the information provided by the brand is the lowering of the average age of the clients of Alfa Romeo and have caught the attention of the female audience.

Source – Alfa Romeo

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