Alfa Romeo Kamal: so it will be the new compact SUV of Alfa


Recreation of the new Alfa Romeo Kamal.

If you thought that the Alfa Romeo Stelvio was to be the only SUV of the mark you were very wrong. The Italian company will not stay with a single SUV in the range, and like many other firms, automobile will be per the latest trends prevailing in the market, taking maximum advantage of the fever of the SUV that sweeps in most of the segments.

As we told you at the time, when line by line, the future releases of Alfa Romeo, the firm has in mind since a long time ago to launch a complete range SUV, in particular, will be two other models which will arrive at dealerships to complete the offer of the Stelvio, that is positioned just above and below the current model, which falls in the D segment-SUV.

The model that will be placed under the Stelvio will be a compact SUV, a C-SUV, and according to the latest reports it would receive the name Kamal, exactly the same name that used the concept that was presented at the Geneva motor show of 2003. This used the same platform as the then-recent 159 and the Alfa Spider and Brera, so that we can consider it an ancestor of the current Stevio.


Alfa Romeo Kamal concept from 2003.

We have tried to recreate the new Alfa Romeo Kamal as suggested by the few reports there are of the new model until now. This will use the same platform Giorgio that employ the Stelvio as the current Giulia, but with a size somewhat smaller with respect to the Stelvio.

Aesthetically will be visually very similar to the Stelvio, with the traits of the new DNA of Alfa Romeo, premiered in the new generation of the Alfa Giulia. As you can see in the recreation, the Alfa Kamal could pass for a Stelvio in miniature, then you will have a front very similar to the one that already have the new models of the Italian house, the sedan Giulia and the Stelvio.

The new SUV of Alfa Romeo will arrive between 2018 and 2020, although the first of them will be the compact SUV Kamal, who assumed this name precisely because it was not only used before by the brand to appoint an SUV concept in 2003, with the that will keep a similar size, but because the Italian firm had recorded a while ago this denomination.