Alfa Romeo might be developing a Giulia Sportwagon for 2017


Recreation of X-Tomi’s Alfa Giulia Sportwagon.

The latest report from Automotive News Europe claims that Alfa Romeo is already developing a version of the family station wagon of the recent Giulia. This new version would be marketed initially in Europe to push and raise the sales of the model banner of Alpha in our continent.

According to the publication mentioned, this information comes from sources not specified but next to Alfa Romeo. For the time being, or the brand itself or the group FCA have spoken about it, but these sources claim that the model will arrive next year and 2017.

The opinion of some analysts points to the need for a version of this type in the incipient range Giulia, in spite of the good results of trading that is taking its first steps in the european market, where it has barely managed to land on all markets. So as to be able to expand the market share of the model, coming this spring to the market format only sedan. These versions family pose 42 per cent of sales in premium models of average size in the old continent.


Alfa 159 Sportwagon.

According to the words of Sergio Marchionne, it is expected that the global sales of the new Giulia to increase to between 75,000 and 100,000 units per year. The launch of the Giulia in the united States will be at the end of this year and China will not come until the first or second quarter of 2017.

For the time being, the following presentation of the brand will be the new SUV Stelvio, which we hope will be unveiled at the upcoming Salon in Los Angeles, with a marketing dated to the early part of next year. This SUV is also based on the new platform Giorgio rear-wheel-drive and will be manufactured at Cassino, Italy, and will be exported to all markets.

In terms of the new Giulia Sportwagon, a possible arrival of this new version would be the logical step, as their main rivals, BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz have variants of body of this kind, which are enjoying great success in Europe. Not so in markets such as the united States.


The Alfa 156 and 159 were equipped with the body-Sportwagon.

The predecessor of the Alfa Giulia Sportwagon is not other that the own Alfa 159, for since the birth of the 156, at the end of the decade of the nineties, this range has always had the option of the body, family, versions called the Sportwagon.