Alfa Romeo multiply your sales with the Giulia and Stelvio

Prueba Alfa Romeo Giulia

Since he announced the new offensive product of Alfa Romeo and see the Giulia, we knew that the bet of FCA was not going to be the losing horse. The group italo americano is played a lot, because of how well or how badly will things go to the brand’s “Biscione”, will depend on their long-term survival. Therefore, when Sergio Marchionne, the CEO and the head of the group, asked us to trust in his words we thought would happen what is happening.

As has been communicated to FCA, the sales of Alfa Romeo during the past trismeste have grown in all markets in which they are present. The goal that has to meet the firm is an ambitious, but if their current range are registering about 200 thousand vehicles a year, getting to the 400 thousand registrations in the year 2020 it seems a no-brainer. The way to achieve it is already opening as in Germany, the main market of Europe, they have managed to increase its sales between January and April, a 96,2 percent.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio AWD 2.0 3

is Certain that in the country teutonic only has enrolled 1,938 units compared to the over 100 thousand who has sold Mercedes-Benz in the same quarter. However, this is not a problem for the Italian firm for its reputation and sales in Germany has never been the best, and start to the year 2017 with these numbers, it is a salutary lesson. In addition, has not been the only market in which they have grown their sales, as in France and Italy, things are also going from strength to strength at full sail.

In the country have increased their deliveries between January and April, a magnificent 22.3 percent and in the trans alpine a 35,69 percent. The european countries that lower growth are showing are in the United Kingdom and Spain. During the first quarter in both countries, the growth has been of a 1.59 per cent and 16.6 per cent respectively. The negative note is placed in both markets, as deliveries for the month of April, both in Spain and the United Kingdom, have shown a fall of 2.9 per cent and 23,19 percent respectively.

whatever Alfa Romeo is doing very well their duties and therefore deserves to achieve the best results in sales. We are confident that as they reach more models things will improve and will achieve 400 thousand units requested by Marchionne.

Source – Alfa Romeo