Alfa Romeo power the qualities of the Stelvio with two new mechanical traction and Q4

Alfa Romeo Stelvio AWD 2.0 3

Alfa Romeo us wants to surprise himself in the world of the SUV sports. On this occasion, have used good arguments to defend your position as with the Stelvio point to the hottest thing in the SUV segment premium. Proof of this is that Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz will go very wrong when the way everything Italian step on the market.

In reality, is not the first time that Alfa Romeo makes this type of betting. In the decade of the 50 manufactured a robust 4×4, called Matta. however, the Stelvio is flour of another sack and is not so focused on crossing large trialeres. Your mission in the market is, together with the Giulia and the new models of the signature, to return Alfa Romeo to the place where you never had to leave, the coto premium sports.

it is widely known the Alfa Romeo Stelvio for its arrival to the market it is very expected. However the news today is the adoption of two new mechanics and the introduction of the famous four-wheel drive Q4 of the signature. The first engine that will incorporate is cycle-diesel. It is the same mechanics that just put on sale the Giulia, that is to say the new 2.2-litre four-cylinder turbo that delivers a power of 210 hp.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio AWD 2.0 3

The second mechanical that comes to the range of the Stelvio is the new petrol engine 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine capable of develop 280CV and an impressive 400Nm of torque from an amazing 2250 rpm. The best thing about this engine is that within your category is the better acceleration you have. According to the Italian firm, the Stelvio is capable of going from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in only 5.7 seconds (it is faster than the latest Volkswagen Golf).

the rest of The mechanical that will be the range will come in a short time. The signature will include two new mechanics (a petrol and the other diesel) with 200 and 180 hp. The block petrol will be based on the same block, 2-liter turbo version that we bring you today, but a little decaf. In the diesel version you can expect the same, as it is the same block that the 210 hp but in this case will bring thirty hp less. In both cases will be associated to an automatic gearbox eight relations and all-wheel drive Q4. In addition, to lower the price of entry into the mechanical diesel of 180 hp also will be able to acquire with drive only to the rear axle.

customers who bought the Stelvio with all-wheel drive Q4 have to know that riding one of the best balancers on the market. Nothing more start the car the engine power gets to the rear axle, however if the vehicle detects loss of traction is when you ask the pull between work. In this way, the Stelvio can send up to 50% of the torque to the front axle. This is very useful because it does not involve the consumption and allows customers to have a four-wheel drive without the need for complex mechanical systems.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio AWD 2.0 3

on the other hand, the brand has endeavored to create a very stiff chassis and lightweight. To achieve this, the Steslvio is mounted on a body constructed of lightweight aluminum (the same used by the Giulia). In addition, to the total weight of the set is not triggered and both doors, hood and tailgate are made of light alloy. This makes their weight, in running order is a remarkable 1.695 kg.

If we compare with the Jaguar F-Pace, which weighs about 1.775, we can see the good work that has been done by Italian engineers to control its mass. With these data we can see that is the lightest vehicle of its category. In addition, the distribution of the masses and the low polar moment of inertia make it one of the cars more dynamic and reactive behind the wheel. All this is patent in that it is the best model of the category in terms of its relationship weight-to-power.

If we move to its interior, we have that the quality of the Stelvio is light years ahead of the look of the Alpha Romeo of a decade ago. The materials used (wood, leather and textiles) to coat your dashboard, doors and seats are first-class. In addition, an aspect that should be noted is the noise of the set engine and exhaust as Alfa Romeo wants his Stelvio stands out for a set sports round. In this case the 2.0 turbo generates a symphony of sport and pleasant issued to almost all the rev range giving a character distinguished.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio AWD 2.0 3

In the section of the equipment and driving aids the Alfa Romeo Stelvio takes a giant step forward and stood with the best in the segment. One of the elements most defendants will be your infotainment system AlfaConnect with touch screens up to 8.8 inches. In it, the driver will be able to replicate information from your smartphone and even view maps of the gps in three dimensions.

wizards and driving aids will be very abundant, and of series or in option you can mount elements as interesting as the Braking System Integrated (IBS), or the system electromechanical combining the stability control with a brake booster traditional to provide a braking fast and forceful. Also will mount the Warning of frontal collision, the emergency brake self or the lane departure. The object detectors in dead corners and radar to exit back to the car park will also be there, as well as a active cruise control that will automatically regulate the speed with the vehicle in front of you.

On this occasion, each engine of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is associated to a finished concrete. In the case of the petrol 280 hp is associated to special edition “First Edition” and their price is encrypted in the 62,000 euros. The mechanical diesel 210 hp is linked to finish Super and its price part of 48.300 euros. When the range is complete with the rest of the mechanics we will review your new developments as well as the prices that will hit the market.

finally, we are looking forward to try it out, as it surely will be one of our favorites in that garage ideal that we are all passionate about cars.

Source – Alfa Romeo