Alfa Romeo prepares its upcoming releases: four models


The Alfa Romeo Giulia will be followed by a D-SUV, a saloon car of greater size, a C-SUV and a sports car body Coupe and Spider

Alfa Romeo is very focussed on the return to be a mark of prestige. After the close launch of the spectacular saloon half-Giulia, which are currently suffering a delay of six months, and we know that will continue to be a SUV vehicle of the segment D is derived from this. But in Alfa Romeo you see much further and begin to take the first steps to the launches of more models.

In the list, the next vehicle will be a the vehicle of representation of a larger size (segment E) to whose code Type ‘961’ answers. It is a luxury sedan, a worthy successor to the defunct Alfa Romeo 166 which will be supported on an elongated version of the new modular platform Giorgio rear-wheel-drive. A rival to the BMW 5-Series, Mercedes E Class and Audi A6.

Then we will find a vehicle for the sales volume, we speak of a SUV/Crossover segment C. Internally called Type ‘962’, will face the hard territory of the compact SUVS in the luxury dominated the BMW X1, Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3, land in the soon-to also join the attractive Infiniti QX30.


Alfa Romeo seeks a renewed range of eight models, the majority of rear-wheel-drive

The famous German trio is the point of reference Alfa Romeo

In the last place, the Alfa Romeo more exciting will arrive to pick up passions. The Type ‘963’ corresponds to a marina proposed in coachwork Coupe and Spider. These sports will bring to life the spirit of the Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider who were left without continuation in his farewell.

As the German trio remains the main objective of the italians, the ‘Type 963’ in their two bodies will serve to make against the BMW Z4, Mercedes SLK (SLC coming soon) and the Audi TT in two formats. Let us remember that in its time, this was the Italian sports that it was believed that he would use the Mazda MX-5 ND as a base.