Alfa Romeo will cease production of the small Myth in the month of July

If we do a little exercise of memory, the the Alfa Romeo MiTo came on the market in the already distant year 2008. At that time, the global sales of the Italian firm were already on the decline, as the 147 and 159 do not capture the attention of customers most die-hard of the brand. However, to put a little bit of sanity to the situation of the brand, arrived in this sort of mini Alfa 8C to conquer the heart of young people.

Manufactured on the same platform Fiat Punto (and his cousin Opel Corsa), it only had a body of three accesses and a occupancy in the low half of the segment. The quality was never their strong point, but thanks to its equipment options, range of mechanical and dynamic behavior won the respect of the specialized press and critics. However, all of these items were never sufficient for its level of sales outside the expected, as it quickly was relegated to the ostracism darker.

in Addition, your languidecimiento we must add that the SUVs and all-paths you have eaten virtually all segments, making the possibilities of the Myth they look even more depleted. For this reason, once the Fiat Punto will cease its production in brief, Alfa Romeo will take part with its smallest model. In this way, the Group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) free up space in their factories to adapt it to products more “marketable”.

By now, the consortium Italian-american has not confirmed what a substitute is the one who is cooking for the Myth, beyond confirming that, yes, they are working on something. It is envisaged that they may be developing a new all road that could be said to fit in the urban segment. All in all, the plant of Mirafiori (Italy) will remain idle in the month of July, going to get ready to receive new models.

Will have to see how the marketplace evolves and the plans for the future Alfa Romeo, since we already know that the Giulietta yes that will be the direct successor. Although at the pace that you are working the mark, they would hire more staff, otherwise you will lose the step.

Source – Alfa Romeo

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