Alfa Romeo will present six new models here 2020

Alfa Romeo nuevos modelosAlfa Romeo have a few updates prepared here at the end of the decade. What we have been able to know thanks to a document shown to investors in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), and that has been leaked on the internet. If you follow the chart you can see that the latest model uncovered is the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which we were able to try recently. The next thing to arrive will be the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which will be presented at the Paris Salon, and is referred to as “mid-size UV.”

Subsequently come six new models of which are still unknown. Although we can know that there will be a big sedan, which will be at the top of the Giulia and wants to plant face to models like the BMW 5-Series or the Audi A6. Also there will be two SUV new, the second and third models of this type after the Stelvio. It is expected that one to be smaller and the other bigger than this model, which we will see shortly.

Prueba Alfa Romeo 4CIn the image also appears a hatchbach, a compact model that could be the replacement of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and that would come to rival the next generation of the Volkswagen Golf. To finish it appoints two vehicles “speciality”, which are the most mysterious. There is talk that it could be the evolution of the sporty Alfa Romeo 4C. All these will be provided between 2017 and 2020, but unfortunately is not specified when.

The majority of these vehicles that will Alfa Romeo have a configuration of rear-wheel-drive. Bet is the manufacturer’s Italian and we’ve already been able to see with the Giulia, the goal would be to revive the DNA of the brand. With this platform it is also intended to face up to the premium brands. it looks good the future of Alpha, and already we are eager to know the Stelvio and the other six models that will happen.

Source – Auto Pareri