Alfieri Maserati, confirmed for 2016

Maserati Alfieri producción 1 Maserati Alfieri, confirmado para 2016 all know and reputation is reaping Maserati with their cars. That re reflected in the current high demand and in his black numbers not stop rising, even forcing them to increase production of its factories. Whoever does good work is rewarded for it. It is true that being in the luxury segment have gone through the roof, but it was mainly thanks to the renewal of their models and the good work of his team of designers.

And this last I am going to talk about today, because from Maserati just confirm Alfieri 2016 . Located one notch below the Gran Turismo coupe will to stand up to the almighty Porsche 911, the villain of the class, the Jaguar F-Type and even the new Mercedes AMG GT.

Maserati Alfieri producción Maserati Alfieri, confirmado para 2016 Starting from a suitable platform Ghibili and Quattroporte version will become the entry model so to speak, although its price is expected to depart from 75,780 euros . But of course, is Maserati, a luxury brand and distinction and that same hope their customers think of them to choose them from competition. Furthermore, this coupe will be a vital model for marcaque help achieve the goal of 75,000 units sold between all models in 2018.

But to get not only distinctive design details and a passionate needed. This helps a lot, sure, but the mechanical part is essential. We know that Maserati have spared either engine or power. Input on the hood will stay for V6 3.0 liter turbo with a power 410CV transmitted to the rear wheels and being the basic version. But as it is necessary to have more powerful versions, also two options wheel drive one of 450CV and another that could reach 520CV will be offered.

colossal figures, but if you get Maserati administer such power effectively, the Alfieri will become a beast for his rivals. If you are already fond of him, I apologize, because Maserati Alfieri not be available until 2016 and if you prefer to shoot with hair in the wind even have to wait, because version cabrio will have to wait another year and not see the light 2017 .

Source – Autocar

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