Alguersuari believes that Alonso could have 8 championships of F1

Jaime Alguersuari, and not the one young driver who debuted in F1 with Toro Rosso and he eventually left almost as soon as he came to dedicate himself to being a Dj…,, but the father: Jaime Alguersuari Sr has been talking in an interview about the attitude of Fernando Alonso. I think that it is not necessary to the presentations, as many of you know the father of the Alguersuari Jr for being an authority in the panorama of the world of motor Spanish for having driven the Formula V8 3.5 was to become an international benchmark.

well, Alguersuari has had a time to meditate on the attitude of Fernando Alonso in F1 and believes it is not appropriate. No doubt the enormous talent of the spaniard who has said that is unquestionable, but he says that his attitude has been that he has closed the door to the triumph and jumps from one computer to another have not helped that his record is inflated. In fact Alguersuari says that you have thought of a different way maybe you could have 7 world or even 8 of them, that is to say, one more than in the same Michael Schumacher.

in Addition to questioning the behaviour of Fernando Alonso when he leaves the steering wheel and hangs up the helmet, also has criticized this world of motorsport to not consider it a sport of credibility. Alguersuari thinks that the categories of the engine are in a crisis and “have No credibility. It does not matter to the meritocracy of the pilots, but the money that they bring and not the talent to support it. To get to Roland Garros or Wimbledon, there are many tournaments before and position in the ranking of the ATP. Instead, any pilot with money may be suddenly in F1. The son of a millionaire can buy a seat in F1… but for more money you have, they never will be with Marc Marquez in Motogp if you don’t have the talent that you lack.”

And the truth is that in this sense does not lack reason to Alguersuari Sr., seen as seen with some computers that have come down to great drivers or have left to sign talent to have sitting better a pilot payment that can bring money to the team. But, of course, would have to consider what compensates more, if the money that provides the pilot payment or the money that is left to receive for lack of points that will never get this driver for lack of skills and driving…

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