Ali vs Ali: Porsche knows that nobody does sports, or ads, as they

Porsche knows how to make good ads, almost as much as do poor sports. Ads in which you do not need to highlight the best of your product, or submit your letters, in which simply appeal to emotion. But of course, when your range has products like the range Porsche, it is too easy to forget everything else. And honestly, and as much as they have resorted to a cliché, hackneyed, we congratulate once more to its advertisers because they have given the nail on the head. Ali vs Ali, Sharapova vs Sharapova, Carlsen vs Carlsen and Porsche 911 vs Porsche 911. For Porsche there is only one opponent, themselves.

new ad campaign for the Porsche 911, which is called to present in society the first 911 Carrera with turbo engine, comes under the slogan “Compete”. And for police force, in addition to the above, what could be better than three events on one’s own. On the one hand, Magnus Carlsen, chess prodigy, and number 1 worldwide. Maria Sharapova, image of Porsche, the tennis player, and winner of five Grand Slams. And last, but not least, Muhammad Ali. Yes, Porsche has had the audacity to resurrect the great Ali for a moment so special like this, the define a new era for the history of the Porsche 911.

The technique of “doubling” a person in a video is relatively simple, a resource that has been used in countless occasions, without the necessity of resorting to the advanced cinematographic techniques and special effects that are used today.

But in the case of Muhammad Ali was not going to be that simple. To retrieve the image of the great Ali, in their time, lads, and long before that the consequences of their disease, Parkinson’s disease, they were visible. As we will see in the following video, “making of”, the advertisers resorted to double, and more advanced techniques of photo retouching so that the features of the doubles were credible, to the point of getting us into believing that truth is fighting Ali against himself in the ring.

In the final. A ad epic. One more addition to the long history of advertising from Porsche.

Source: Porsche
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