Alibaba Group will sell cars over the Internet, with discounts up to 40%



Alibaba, the Asian e-commerce giant also sell cars. This new adventure begins in China with 40 units of Chevrolet Epica, which sold the equivalent of 10 billion euros


Chevrolet-epica A libaba Group Holding Ltd. was associated with a group of Chinese dealers to start a new business of online car sales . Like what until now happened with electronic goods, the store offer the possibility of buying cars via the Internet.

The e-commerce giant launches sale of cars.

The virtual dealer is a sort of branch of Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings Ltd. and the beginning 40 units Chevrolet Epica be offered at a price equivalent to 10 000 euros, ie a 40% from the usual rate.

But Yongda also distributes brands such as Bentley, Jaguar and Land Rover , which will be offered through the same online shopping system at a later stage. The agreement sealed between the two companies also includes maintenance services and financing. Plan to offer 200 service points within two years, where customers can withdraw cars after ordering online.

traditional car dealers are trying to installed in China your online presence , to meet the buying habits of Chinese consumers, that thereby acquire all kinds of products. China is the largest market in the automotive sector, with sales figures which in 2014 reached the 23 million units . Analysts believe that China has a great potential for growth, as today the rate is one car every 10 inhabitants , in contrast to the USA where the figure is 8 cars 10 inhabitants. competition is launched against , which last April in Japan began marketing the BMW i3 via the Internet.



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