Alibaba, the giant chinese internet, presents the RX5

Alibaba RX5

RX5, it’s called the first car of Alibaba, the giant chinese internet.

Alibaba is a huge chinese web portal, leader in sale of all kinds of products. The so-called “Amazon chinese“, has positioned itself in recent years as the benchmark in the sector of electronic commerce billing millions and millions of euros. And if anything characterizes him, is that the chinese company has never conformed with its leading position in the “e-commerce” and now make the leap to the automobile sector, with the new RX5.

it is Not the first time he has spoken of the possibility that Alibaba to launch to the market its own car. Is more, the company already had been commenting on in recent times and has finally materialized. Described as a “smart vehicle produced in series”, the new RX5 has been developed and will be produced in collaboration with SAIC, the largest chinese manufacturer of automobiles.

With an image of the SUV, on Alibaba define it more as a sport-utility. And although his image is not especially eye-catching, the main virtues of this first car of Alibaba reside in the section of technology. And is that the new RX5 uses a operating system built specially for the car industry of the hand of YunOS, a division of Alibaba.

Alibaba RX5 - lateral

The RX5 is an SUV designed in collaboration with SAIC, the largest chinese manufacturer of automobiles.

With this operating system, Alibaba hopes to provide an environment totally connected with the “improve the consumer experience”. The company explains that it wants to create a great “ecosystem” in which all of the vehicles that incorporate this SO they can exchange data and information to improve the driving experience. In addition, will be able to access all kinds of services on-line that offers Alibaba.

on the other hand, each driver will have a specific ID so that the vehicle can recommend music, radio stations and information based on their personal tastes. Thus, in the case of a change of vehicle, simply enter our ID again to be able to return to have access to our history and information.

¿When it will come to the market? The new RX5 Alibaba can already be booked for a price of approximately 20.300 euros and the first deliveries are planned for the month of August.

Alibaba RX5 - interior

Also called “the car of the internet”, the RX5 is a great bet portal chinese Alibaba.

Are people prepared to buy a car online?

is Not the first time that we find ourselves with initiatives to try to sell a car over the internet. An idea idyllic that eventually becomes a first contact through the network to subsequently go to an authorised point of sale or dealership to finalize all the paperwork of the purchase. In countries such as Japan and through Amazon, brands like BMW already did their “first steps” on the internet sales with models like the BMW i3. And by the way, the brand did not reveal sales data of such a proposal, something to keep in mind.

In this case, Alibaba goes a step beyond and not only sold their first car through their own portal. But, as we say, has been immersed in a sector totally different to yours, and with a great commitment, development, production and marketing of a car. Yes, in this case, make the hand of a strong partner like SAIC, which will provide all its experience in this first foray into the automotive sector.

Alibaba RX5 - frontal

The starting price of the RX5 is a little more than 20.300€ and you can already book.