All about the new pick-up of Mercedes: the new Class X

a few weeks Ago as we advance the agenda that had the German brand for the launch of its new Class X. well, that day has arrived and we know all the definitive characteristics of the pick-up of Mercedes. The next date fixed is the beginning of its sales in Spain, which will be November 4, with a price of output 36.200 euros.

Mercedes could not have chosen a better time to launch its pick-up. This summer has been chosen to change the restrictive legislation which had for this type of vehicle. From this reform, the pick-up are no longer subject to the regulation for trucks (including speed limits), and are to be treated as any other conventional tourism.

The engines that will be available the new pick-up of Mercedes at the time of its launch there will be two diesel: the 220d with 163 HP, and the 250d with 190, both with a block of 2.3 liters with 4 cylinders. In the third quarter of 2018 will arrive to the most powerful of the range, that will be another diesel, this time with 6-cylinder engine, which will deliver 258 BHP of power and 550 Nm of torque.

that like to the same, more modest only be able to choose the manual change of six speeds. To be able to opt for the automatic seven gear, go at least to the same intermediate. In terms of traction, there are three available: rear, 4 Matic attachable or permanent, integral with locking rear differential. This last, is the one that better qualities range offers and will only be available as an option for future diesel of 258 HP (if you do not choose will come standard with the 4Matic).

The behavior offroad pick-up of Mercedes

The Mercedes Class X has two different heights with respect to the ground depending on the suspension you choose. The normal versions have a free height of 20 cm, but there is available a something more a jacket with a 22 cm. As is normal in the Pick-up, your angle of entry to the unevenness is pretty good with 28.8 degrees, but the output is much worse for the large rear overhang of the load box (or 23.8 degrees).

This last figure, you can improve something with the option to remove the rear bumper, something that also allows you to open the door of the box up to 180 degrees, instead of 90 until you can open it with the bumper installed. Other important measures are his angle ventral 20.4 degrees, a low figure (although in the usual pick-up) aided by its long wheelbase of 3.15 meters, and its lateral tilt maximum of eur 49.8 degrees.

What you can load the pick-up of Mercedes?

The large dimensions of the X Class will allow you to have some good levels of space for occupants and cargo. Measured 5,34 m long, 1.92 years m wide without counting with their large mirrors and 1,81 m high. payload capacity of 1.042 kg, somewhat lower than for example that of the Volkswagen Amarok (1.150 kg), although still very good. The cargo box measured 47 cm in height, 1,56 wide and 1,58 long. Where it stands out more, is in the towing capacity, because the Class X is able to drag up to 3.5 tons (the Amarok can only 2.8), so that it could carry any type of trailer.

In regards to the different finishes, from launch the Mercedes Class X will be available in the versions Pure, Progressive and Power. The Class X Pure, is the finish most practical of the three and is mainly intended for transportation and work. The Progressive, is the finishing, intermediate, and can be distinguished by having the rear bumper of the same color of the body. The Power, which is the top of line with the level of equipment highest. tires available are 17, 18 or 19 inches.

Technology in the pick-up of Mercedes

Mercedes s Class X has options to connect to a smartphone or a tablet with the central console that allow functions such as GPS location of the car, emergency call or information about the state of the vehicle. In addition, also you can put a SIM card to access the various connectivity features as the browser with information about traffic in real time.

As the majority of the cars recently launched, it has system of active braking, and warns that to detect an obstacle if the driver does not react, and even brake by itself to avoid or minimize the impact. It also has alert by involuntary change of lane, recognition of traffic signs and cruise control.

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