All about the new Volvo S90: the sedan of the future, connected and semi-autonomous, in 5 keys

Volvo has not expected to your live presentation. After the filtration of the morning, has revealed all the information and official images of its new flagship. It’s called Volvo S90 and it is a great sedan, designed to compete against the best from Germany and Japan with a proposal elegant, full of scandinavian design and above all, very technological. The sedan of the future has ways of driving semi-autonomous and is fully connected. Of we have 5 keys the main novelties of the new Volvo S90. [We continue to develop the article.]

1) scandinavian Design, minimalist

The knob of the gear lever is made of glass in Orrefors, your speakers, Bowers&Wilkins high-end.

Volvo S90 does not have a striking design. Follows the traits of style which we have already seen in the XC90. Their optical have the hammer of thor in his signature light, its lines are straight and elegant, with a presence. Inside again we found a lot of surfaces clean, look clean and minimalist. Volvo has wanted to bring innovation to a segment very traditional, with details like the system SENSUS infotainment, in which all the car controls to through the huge screen of the centre console.

2) Motors up to 400 HP of power

Volvo has worked on improving the dynamics of the car, you want it to be fun and exciting to drive.

The platform on which is built the Volvo S90 is the SPA, premiered by the Volvo XC90. With he shares the range of engines, all of them Drive-E four-cylinder and two liters, both for diesel and gasoline. For the american market will be available in versions T5 (254 HP), T6 (320 HP, combining turbo-and supercharger) and T8 Twin-Engine, this last an alternative hybrid, plug-in 400 HP of combined power. In Europe there will be versions with a diesel engine, with outputs of 190 HP and 224 HP.

All of them are only associated with an automatic gearbox 8 relations. There is option of all-wheel drive.

3) Mode of driving semi-autonomous highway

Volvo aims that by 2020 no-one can have fatal accidents aboard its range of vehicles.

Volvo promises a mode of driving semi-autonomous leader in the segment. Should reach at least to the level of the Autopilot Tesla, his rival to beat. This mode of driving autonomously in highway is called Pilot Assist. It is able to guide the car alone on the highway, up to speeds of 130 km/h. Follow the road markings and do not need to go to a vehicle to be guided. It is a further step in getting closer to the mass market of technology-autonomous. Volvo is one of the manufacturers with more interest in the autonomous car.

4) Detection and automatic braking also for large animals

City Safety works thanks to the combined work of ultrasonic sensors, radar proximity and a camera.

The package City Safety is standard on Volvo S90, in all its versions. This suite of active safety slows the car by itself if it detects that we’re going to collide against another vehicle, as well as if it detects the pressure of imminent another pedestrian. You can completely stop the car, and in this evolution, premieres automatic detection of large animals that cross the road. It is more often a problem than it seems, although focused particularly in the north of Europe and in the united States.

5) cloud Connected

The system SENSUS infotainment governs all systems of the car. We have been able to test it in a Volvo XC90 – in his presentation – and left us pleasantly impressed. Account with connection to the Internet and allows us to do use of the applications connected to the cloud. Its 9-inch screen is similar to that of an iPad, and it is controlled from the climate control to navigation. It is very similar to that found in a Tesla Model S. starting with this version should be compatible with Apple CarPlay.

Source: Volvo
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