All brands of the VW Group increased its sales compared to last year

it Is impossible not to try to analyze the sales of the brands affected by the scandal of Volkswagen in order to find out how it is affecting them. Although many may think that the damage would be immediate and obvious, the reality is that both Audi, as SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen are expanding their sales compared to the same month last year.


The Volkswagen dealerships continue to attract a large number of clients

came in the middle of last September. The EPA accused Volkswagen of tricked more than 11 million diesel engines around the world. A defeat device was in charge of deceiving the emission figures, to be lower than what is allowed and announced. After this, the manufacturer had no remedy but admit the obvious and submit to the complaints of those affected, to the distrust of investors, and to potential economic sanctions.

To this prospect Volkswagen, and the rest of the brands affected, acted swiftly. The CEO was replaced, and an investigation was opened, which is still open, and ushered to a stage for solutions. Just a few days ago we reported on the procedure to fix the engines EA189 TDI of 1.6 and 2.0 liters, defusing the situation. Although there are still many points to be decided.

To all of this clients, the main affected, responded with complaints and with more than one association willing to report legally and to claim damages. Seeing the panorama it is not surprising that the majority think in a considerable decrease in sales of the whole group. But nothing more far from reality.


the strength of The group is putting to the test after the scandal of the emissions

In the past month of October as we look at the sales of Volkswagen. At that time we realized that we had grown, but must also take into account that just had passed 12 days since the news will explode. Today, with more timing margin, we see that the figures continue to rise in all the brands.

Mark November 2015 monthly Variation Accumulated 2015 Variation anual
Audi 3.092 + 23,04% 41.381 + 15,33%
SEAT 4.773 + 5,5% 71.253 + 15,38%
Skoda 1.417 + 13,09% 21.348 + 27,07%
Volkswagen 5.897 + 18,77% 81.238 + 14,5%

Taking a look at the data, we quickly give accounts that the progression of sales continues to be positive. Volkswagen continues to be the brand of the most sold in our country, the third in the past month of November, and the first if we take into account the annual accumulated, just ahead of Opel and SEAT, that is the third.

Audi for its part, remains the premium brand most sold in our country, ahead of BMW and Mercedes, standing in the eleventh position. As for Skoda, the Czech brand continues with a firm step your sales thanks to the good figures that are showing their two best selling models: the Skoda Octavia and the Skoda Fabia.


With regard to September, SEAT low a position on the best-selling brands, the 2nd to 3rd

Well it is true that all the problems of the TDI engines correspond to the old units Euro 5, which no longer manufactures any. new models arrive from the factory with the enhanced version of the same and with the certification Euro6, being fully legal and not entailing any problem. At the end of the day the clients sent, and despite the mistakes made by the brand, these are satisfied with their cars.