All-In-Ford at the Mobile World Congress: a new model for Europe

few days Ago we knew that Ford not attend the Paris Salon this year, that next to Geneva is one of the rooms most important of the year in Europe (Automotive News). We know that Ford is rethinking their strategy, in the commercial, and in regards to their communication to the international level. And the best example of this is that not only will attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, on the 22nd of February, but also will take advantage of the appointment in this event dedicated to the technology industry to introduce a new model and a technology that premiered very soon in their cars. What model will?

Ford will give so much importance to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month, we even presented a new model for Europe.

According to Ford, it would be a new model destined for Europe. Today, Ford enjoys a range formed by global products, not only focused on Europe, but in general to all the world. In Europe already marketed the new Mustang and in the united States it is possible to acquire even a tourism as european as the Ford Fiesta.

If we were to go for a model designed for Europe that would be the new Ford Ka. In any case, and with the few details we have, any claim that we do would not be more than a speculation. The Ford Ka is already facing the death throes of your marketing and will require a generational shift. But we also know that Ford wants to focus its commercial strategy on the SUV, and crossover, and in models of high popularity and profitability. And cars, urban as the Ford Ka are becoming less popular and profitable in Europe.


  • In terms of the technology that will not give too many details about it. What is confirmed is that the President and CEO of Ford, Mark Fields, will be present to offer a press conference the next day, 22 February at 14:00.

    Source: Ford
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