All keys to the new Peugeot 208

The prestigious French car brand, Peugeot, launches new automotive pearl market to enjoy all the thrill of driving Your new Peugeot 208 . To do this, has prepared a campaign that takes your breath away and you will be the protagonist , you dare to discover it?


Under the motto “Let your Body” puts the prestigious firm in your hands the new “interactive game “ to immerse yourself in a world where you are the one who takes the decisions, so each path chosen will determine your destiny.

After interactive game 208 , the unforgettable show of Peugeot Rio de Janeiro and Re-Generation show at Brussels Motor Show, now you can an experience unparalleled with new 208 . This interactive adventure extreme situations where you have to make decisions that will determine your fate somehow will be presented. The question is whether to answer “yes” or “no” to the expression “leave the body.” ‘ll have to be nimble and think fast if you want to continue the game or, conversely, to surrender at the first opportunity and fail in the attempt.

The essence of this new campaign Peugeot 208 is that must rely on your body where decisions you make in each moment because they will determine the rest of the trip. In this way, he realizes that this new jewel of the French firm is designed for those who are running enthusiasts who like risk and strong and intense emotions.

The cold grays that dominate the paint matt new Peugeot serve to highlight his athletic figure and display all details carefully printed on the entire structure. This new product has a unique and enviable technological equipment formed, including a 6-speed manual transmission, headlights with LED daytime running lights, all covered by a glass roof with blue light guides.


comfort and a peaceful atmosphere can be felt within this new vehicle thanks automatic climate that regulates the temperature in the car, nice and whitish surround lighting creates retro games and their comfortable seating.

The cockpit complete with a steering wheel of small, manageable, scoreboard head-up display and a large touch screen that lets you easily navigate through their menu and the various options proposed.


As for his exterior design every detail is carefully looked exquisite. Its thin and compact optical formed by LEDs and a light guide. The intense and disturbing feline look of the new Peugeot attracts all who regard. As if this were not enough, the new Peugeot also contributes to the care and protection of the environment thanks reduction in CO2 emissions.

Ultimately, it comfort , the security , the economic , functionality and elegance are some of the main themes that best can describe the new Peugeot 208.


only you are the owner of your actions and decisions , only you have the power to decide what to do with the time you have been assigned. Trust your body, trust yourself.

With this motto, is going to promote a limited edition of the new Peugeot, eager to hit the road as a quick and elegant feline for you to enjoy all the luxuries and live in his company an experience without limits will never forget.

Source Images Peugeot 208.

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