All new Tesla will be self-employed


Tesla have fallen short of their technology autonomous. If just a few months ago your system Autopilot, I came to a new version, from the own blog of the u.s. firm overtake that from this moment on, the new vehicles produced will incorporate a conduction system is 100% autonomous.

Including the future Model 3, as well as the Model S and Model X the new hardware, capable of monitoring 360 degrees around the vehicle with a range of up to 250 meters thanks to eight cameras, twelve ultrasonic sensors and a radar weather divided by the perimeter of the same all this, thanks to a new computer ensure, is 40 times more potent that the current (and already above the average of the automobile market), all of that to be more be safer than human drivers.


By the time, that if the system not find 100% functional from the beginning because, as is usual in the american manufacturer, will be collecting data along the kilometres of real tours to enhance the experience of use and development of this technology that iquick delivery through software updates, where also will be emergency braking, collision warning, active cruise control or the spell of involuntary change of lane.

in Addition, since Tesla want to reassure the owners of the system Autopilot first generation ensuring that this will continue to be developed and keeping updated to provide the best driving experience possible.

This novelty, by the way, you will be available from today if you choose to buy the Model S or Model X, the vehicle of the range that are currently on the market.