All of the american icons of Le Mans, gathered in the same exhibition

The Ford GT40 with which Chris Amon and Bruce McLaren due to mature in Le Mans 1966.

This edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans has been one of the intense and exciting of recent times. After many years in the iron grip of Audi, punctuated by a few victories of Peugeot and Bentley, of Ingoldstadt have turned The circuit de la Sarthe in his fief particular.

Until the past year in 2015, Porsche will snatched the crown. But in 2016 also won Porsche, but after one of the end that surely will go down in the annals of the history of the test gala, by the rupture in extremis Toyota, when all of them were given by winners of the trial.

however, Le Mans is something more than a simple race with 24 hours between banderazo and banderazo, is a real feast of the motor, to which each year the pilgrims, not a few fans, becoming one of the preferred destinations of travel for fans of the motor. And like those days The circuit de la Sarthe becomes the main focus of attention of the sports world, the offer that we find parallel is very wide.

Americans at Le Mans: an incredible exposure

As is the case of the incredible exposure that we were able to find us in our journey this year to the test gala, where we encounter one of the traveling exhibits more spectacular than we could imagine.

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so-Called ‘Americans at Le Mans’, it was a review of the history of motor racing american on the test gala, with the presence of some of the most rare and mythical of history. Authentic pieces of the collector that it would be difficult to see again, and even less together.

One of the parts more rare, and that more controversy has created in the last few days has been the replica of the Corvette Cunningham number 1. A copy that was displayed as the original piece by the organizers of the event, but nevertheless, after conducting our own research, concluding with personalities related to the true copy, we ended up identifying as a replica from a collector in europe ” .


Replica of the Corvette #1, Cunningham, heralded as the true.

This issue has not stopped hoarding headlines since it was discovered in 2012 in the warehouse of a deceased judge of Florida, and that the not be properly identified was sold for a pittance.

Although the subsequent announcement of the discovery caused a tough legal battle that will saldaba with a settlement agreement of those who now are the 3 new owners of the vehicle, interestingly, among them there are neither the discoverer of the Corvette, nor the alleged legal owner. Since they both sold their shares during the fray judicial to the rest of involved. Currently, the vehicle continues without being restored, as we have been able to know through the involved.

The exhibition was plagued with models iconic, being able to find the copy of the Cunningham C4-R, the same Briggs Cunningham as well as some models are very eye-catching, among which we highlight a Porsche 908, related with Steve McQueen,
the new King Midas of the world of the classics, since everything that
is related to the exponentially increasing its value, or a
Porsche 935 red color of Paul Newman and that will be auctioned off this summer in Monterey.


Porsche 935 with the same decor that was used at Le Mans in 1979.

This Porsche 935 was with the that made its debut in 1976, the american actor in Le Mans, and after this test, the specimen managed to defeat in 24 Hours of Daytona, 1981 and 12 Hours of Sebring 1983, with other pilots at the wheel and in the hands of the team of Dick Barbour. This model has the peculiarity of having been the only car that has been sponsored pro Apple Computers.

Another model was really impressive was the Corvette known as the “76 Spirit of Le Mans”, an impressive preparation of competition of the specialist Greenwood who competed in the 1976. Based on the wild and outrageously enlarged preparation Widebody that had Greenwood in Detroit two years before, the ‘ 76 Spirit of Le Mans” was the Corvette more wild, flashy, and noisy, ever ready to compete.

Created by Greenwood in collaboration with engineers of the program Chevrolet Corvette, this team received up to $ 55,000 on the part of the French authorities to ensure their participation in the test gala. The only time that a participant has received money to be able to compete in Le Mans.


Chevrolet Corvette ‘Widebody’ of Greenwood, nicknamed ’76 Spirit of Le Mans’.

This was due to to the low participation in those years by the crisis of the oil, which led to the organisers of Le Mans to encourage in this way to Greenwood to ensure their participation in the race of 1976 with the spectacular and noisy Corvette.

The Corvette Widebody were the fruit of the joint development between Greenwood and some engineers from Chevrolet, among which we find the own Zora Ankus-Duntov, who worked this zany body-looking for the maximum downforce possible, to keep at bay the more than 700 horses to the huge V8 engine of 7.0 liter Corvette.

Also found most modern models, as a unit of the C7 Corvette.R, one of the strangers Panoz LMP-mid-engine front 2002, Chrysler LMP 2001 he finished fourth overall that year or a Viper GTS R first-generation, which finished thirteenth overall in 1998.


3 Ford GT40 who completed the podium in 1966.

Next to these, in a prominent place were three real unique pieces. The three Ford GT40 occupied the podium in the first victory of the model in 1966, now 50 years ago.

In the first place we were with the GT40 driven by Chris Amon and Bruce McLaren, black and the winner of the test, which was recently restored, next to the GT40 of miles and Dennis Hulme, who came in second place, and the GT40 gold color that came in third, with Bucknum and Hutcherson at the wheel.

The opportunity to meet face-to-face with these three specimens is unique, and statistically speaking, unrepeatable. In very few occasions, like the anniversary of the model have been able to see together these individuals who competed at the same time and they are the most glorious of the brand from the blue oval.

Shelby Cobra Daytona, one of the american models most quoted in the history.

last, but not least, also you could enjoy in this exhibition of one of the extremely rare Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, one of the few copies existing of the model and of which we talked in depth a few days ago.

Version carrozada of the Shelby Cobra, was born to to counteract the higher top speed of the Ferrari 250 GTO in the straights of the circuit de La Sarthe. This model, which was born shortly before the project GT40 Ford, was the only one who managed to subdue the almighty Ferrari, which dominated with an iron hand in the category of Large Tourism at the beginning of the decade of the sixties.

finally, we would like to leave you this video that we recorded during our visit, where you can see all the jewels in american that we’ve talked about: