All prices on the Toyota Proace panel Van


The past Car show in Birmingham showed us the generational shift of the light commercial japanese: Toyota Proace, that comes hand in hand with their brothers Citroén Jumpy and Peugeot Expert, with more possibilities than ever.

input, it is a vehicle more sophisticated in relation to design with a logical progression and more accurately for a vehicle of its features. Your front acicala with the main set in the form of a ‘tip of arrow’ as seen in models such as the Avensis or RAV4, detail that makes it gain brand image and identity more differentiated from their undeniable roots.


In general, your body takes a design very well integrated and smooth lines, and fluid that you predict that the recreational use has also been very much present at the time of designing the Proace, but that we leave for variant Verse.

Is offered in two lengths; Compact and Caboose Medium (L1) with a distance between axes of 3.2 for the last and to 2.9 metres for the smallest. The L2 will be the Proace bigger, but this will take a little longer to arrive. For its part, the L1 has a load length of 2.5 metres with a volume of 5.3 m3 that are expanded if you assemble the Smart until the 3.7 metres of load length and 5.8 m3 volume.


The cargo capacity can be extended up to a total of 1,400 kg thanks to the Load+

you can Also opt for two versions L1: a standard or ‘LOAD+’, with 400 kg extra payload, can hold up to 1,400 kg while the other models can hold 1,000 kg of payload.

In terms of equipment there are two trim levels: Business and Comfort with equipment that introduces new features such as the Smart, which has a hatch in the separator spaces, and a seat collapsible base to adapt the space wing’s needs, the full mount two sliding electric doors, the Toyota Traction Select, that manages the traction of the Proace to the conditions of the firm, warning of involuntary change of lane, system of recognition of traffic signs, security system precolisión, lights, lighting, cornering, braking system autonomous emergency and a long etc.


In terms of mechanical, mounts the block 1.6 l D-4D of between 95 and 115 HP, and the 2.0 D-4D scaling in 122 and 150 HP, both with the possibility of partnering with a automatic gearbox.


Pursuant to this, the list of prices it is as well:

  • Proace panel Van Compact 1.6 D 95 CV, 16.125€
  • Proace panel Van Compact Comfort 1.6 D 95 CV, 16.575€
  • Proace panel Van Medium (L1) 1.6 D 95 CV Business, 16.470€
  • Proace panel Van Medium (L1) 1.6 D 95 CV Comfort, 16.925€
  • Proace panel Van Compact 1.6 D 115 CV Business, 17.240€
  • Proace panel Van Compact 1.6 D 115 BHP Comfort, 17.695€
  • Proace panel Van Medium (L1) 1.6 D 115 CV Business, 17.590€
  • Proace panel Van Medium (L1) 1.6 D 115 BHP Comfort, 18.040€
  • Proace panel Van Medium (L1) 2.0 D 122 HP Business Load+, 18.305€
  • Proace panel Van Medium (L1) 2.0 D 122 HP Comfort Load+, 18.775€
  • Proace panel Van Medium (L1) 2.0 D 150 HP Comfort TTS, 20.150€


  • metallic Paint, 210€
  • Chest slide under passenger seat, 95€
  • Sensors Parking Rear, 255€
  • TTS + Tires 215/60 R17 c Agilis (Business), 380€
  • TTS + Tire. 215/60 R17 c Agilis + tap. full Comfort), 420€
  • Second door side sliding, 275€