All ready for the debut of Ruben Grace in the Dakar


After 17 years of waiting, the weeks remaining for the Dakar 2016 are made endless. Mitsubishi Spain returns to raid more hard of the world and does one of the pilots country’s most talented, at least in suvs. However, we speak of the champion of the Championship of Spain of Rallies, off-road in 2013 and 2014, in addition to the current leader of the contest. Ruben Gracia will make his debut in the Dakar and what will be in the hands of an exciting project that you have completed all your ingredients to a little more than three weeks for shipment of all material to South america.

The project of Reuben Gracía and Mitsubishi Spain is solid and is not a manner of speaking. All the parties are known to perfection. The Mitsubishi team Speam Team Powerade will compete with the usual Mitsubishi Montero that uses Ruben Gracía in the National off-road, will be placed in the category T3 the raid more hard of the world. Away from the head visible of the Dakar, the Spanish project has ingredients of first level, as one of the best co-drivers in the country, a sponsor of weight, a brand of tires reliable and the collaboration of a team of excellent.

Let’s go by parts. Ruben Grace will compete with Diego Vallejo to his right hand. We do not speak of a co-pilot either. The younger of the brothers Vallejo has managed to win the title of the Championship of Spain of the Asphalt Rallies with his brother Sergio on two occasions and has co-driven the best Spanish riders in the WRC. Under its notes have competed in tests, world cup Manuel Muniente, Ramón Ferreyros, Albert Llovera and Dani Sordo. In addition, has a remarkable experience in off-road cars and has competed in the Dakar. In the technical section, the team will have Manuel Plaza.


For the occasion, the project of Mitsubishi Spain has been surrounded by
partners notable
. The electronic part of the Mitsubishi Montero comes out
of the hand of Ralliart and changes in the body and the
suspensions have been made by ARC-Miracar. The Montero just
receives mechanical changes due to the rules in T3, so that in their
interior features a engine, 3.2 DI-D series, yes, with a flange
38 mm enables the vehicle to pay 220 horses and over 500 Nm
pair. Powerade is the main sponsor of a project that has
with other partners, sponsor highlights.

The last ingredient that
still had to close was the ‘shoes’ and in this case, the Mitsubishi
Speam Team Powerade will also feature material from the first level.
BFGoodrich has added to the project last Friday
and provide their
tire ‘All Terrain’ and ‘Mud Terrain’ for the adventure dakariana of
this Spanish team. The brand is one of the most reputable in the world
the off-road and , your tires will be an element of guarantee to Ruben and Grace
for the entire team. With this signature, everything is ready for the debut of
Ruben Grace in the Dakar 2016.