All that we know of the first electric Jaguar


The Jaguar I-Pace will be the first electric vehicle from Jaguar and JLR. You will arrive in the second half of 2018 though the end of 2017 will be officially presented. Will be able to offer an autonomy of over 500 km and the whole system of propulsion is guaranteed by Jaguar Racing, and his experience in Formula E.

Developed on a new platform especially for electric vehicles released with the Project Evoque_e, is a scalable architecture that can give rise to models smaller and larger than this I-PACE. The high resistance comes from the structures of shock front and rear, the mounting points of the suspension and floor are made of lightweight aluminum, but especially of the battery, which form the backbone of the structure, and occupies all the surface of the soil.

Two power levels

The first electric Jaguar will be a compact crossover equipped with a technology that will offer high-performance with a refinement dynamic of the first order, thanks to two electric motors, one on the front axle, about 150 HP, and the other in the rear, with a 250 HP, who have been baptized as “Electric Axle Drive” (EAD). Together, they will offer a maximum power of 400 HP and a torque instant of 700 Nm.

we Also know that Jaguar is also working on a less powerful, which would have 300 HP between the two engines, with a front of 120 HP and one rear 180 HP, but it will arrive later than the configuration more powerful.


The power of the engines is produced by a lithium-ion battery and continuing capacity of 90 kWh, with 36 modules in each cell of a combination of nickel, cobalt and manganese, which offer a high energy density. The 80% charge in 90 minutes with a quick charger 50 kW DC, and completed in two hours. With a full load, the autonomy will be superior to 500 km, and will accelerate 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds.

The management system ensures the performance of the battery
with optimum efficiency in all conditions. Account with a pump
heat which helps to warm the interior and the battery, given that in terms of
extreme cold supports up to -40c but for its operation you need to increase
this temperature until -20°. At the same time, the cooling is achieved with a circuit
cooling of two-way dedicated and a radiator just to remove the heat
generated by the cells, but if the temperatures are very high it uses the compressor of the automatic air conditioning of the passenger compartment.

The joint power of both engines is transmitted to the road via an automatic gearbox ZF of two speeds. This configuration allows individual management of the engine torque, so that it is possible to choose between driving alone with the engine in the front using only one speed of the transmission and drive only with rear-wheel drive or with total. In these last two options, the transmission makes use of the two speeds, and the switching between the modes of traction or propulsion is performed by pressing the a button, being imperceptible and immediate thanks to a shaft that runs through the center of the two engines.

The electric motors developed by JLR are magnet synchronous permanent with aluminum winding instead of copper, and have been designed to offer up to 30% more life, at the same time, which are 60% cheaper to produce.


The I‑PACE will have all the equipment models of the brand and design of the interior more futuristic by giving priority to advanced technologies in equipment, connectivity and comfort. Your car is 5 seater with a big legroom in the rear due to the absence of a centre tunnel of transmission, and its length 4680 mm If this dimension is maintained as in the I-PACE Concept, the cargo volume of the trunk will be 530 liters.

Its price will be around 100,000 euros

If you’re interested in this electric crossover, which will be built at Magna Steyr, takes note of its price to make accounts. Jaguar says that it will be between 10% and 15% more expensive than a F-PACE to equal equipment. For a level of similar power, and comparing the Jaguar F-PACE S 3.0 V6 S/C AWD 380 HP, which costs to 93,700 Euros, with the version of 400 HP I-PACE, at least it would have a price of 103.070 Euros.