All the beers of this truck autonomous delivery arrived safe and sound

Camión autónomoAs you read it. A truck autonomous in a certain company of beer it has transported more than 50,000 cans of your product automatically, without driver intervention. The path traveled by this trailer of large dimensions and with a large amount of load has been 120 miles, which come to be 200 kilometres in the metric system.

This success has taken place in the united States, by a road of Colorado. The driver was on the inside at all times, intervening only in the arrival at the target store. During the entire distance which did not have to intervene in the driving, he was in the cab of rest of the traction unit from the truck to self-Volvo. The entire trip had been scheduled and the result was the expected one, completing the distance an average speed 88,5 km/h.

Despite the fact that the truck is self-contained era of the brand Volvo, the driving technology autonomous that it incorporated was Otto, a company recently acquired by Uber. Otto was created looking for a automation technology for trucks, but not in developing vehicles from scratch, but installing all the necessary components in them. In this way, the truck protagonist that we had multiple cameras, sensors and GPS, in addition to the automation of the movements, of course.

This milestone makes us see that within a time not only change our private cars, but the companies, especially the distribution, will be able to count vehicles automated able to deliver and pick-up orders without the need of the presence of a human in the interior of the vehicle. It is a way to go, a lot, but these events no longer only seen in science fiction movies.

Imagine that, after completing the tour, the people involved in this transportation project self-taken one (or several) Budweiser to provide for the work well done.

Camión autónomoSource – Carscoops