All the cars mid-engine born in the united States


Chevrolet Corvette CERV III prototype mid-engine

the news of The course step of the Chevrolet Corvette to the architecture of the core engine for its next-generation has reopened the debate on the lack of models of these features in the history of the brands north american. This seems to be a distribution more like that of the european firms and the world of the competition, and a market which is so hard, and then seized over the years as has been the american never seems to have come to accept the concept of the available rear the mechanical.

But nothing could be further from the reality, there have been a few brands or initiatives that have been taken this peculiar distribution to develop not only sports or racing models, but even vehicles intended for a young audience and even versions family.

we bring to You a good sample of these models, some true icons of the motor world, others not so well-known, but shared by all of them the provision after the seats of the mechanics, and mostly, many also agree have been a fiasco commercial or business.


The front and rear parts of the body of the Alessi AR-1 are manufactured in a single piece.

Alessi AR-1

This is the best example of the perseverance and tenacity of a small manufacturer. originally Presented at the Salon of New York, 1979 by Alessi Fiberglass, it was not until the year 2013 that we did not know of this rare specimen that is manufactured one-by-one according to the specifications of each client. There are No figures on the actual production of the model, so that we understand that any unit that another has been made during these years of the 50 that originally sought to build, especially in a market like the u.s., where everything is bought and sold.

completely Fabricated in fiberglass over a tubular frame, its front and rear parts are made in a single piece, in the style of models such as the Ford GT40 or Lancia Rally 037, the rear electric opening. Their mechanical parts are from the catalogue of General Motors, features a V8 LS3 6.2-liter supercharged 600 HP and a torque of 786 Nm, connected to the rear wheels by a five-speed manual transmission, although an optional auto six relationships.

Alessi also offers a more powerful alternative twin-turbo increases the power up to 750 HP and 936 Nm of torque. There are No official data on its performance, but it is believed that reaches 96 km/h from zero in just 3,4 seconds with a top speed exceeding the 300 km/h.


Mechanics and elements of the frame taken from the Corvette Z06 620 HP

Falcon F-7

This has some very similar characteristics to the previous one. Hand-built in small series, source engine Corvette in the rear and a name completely unknown among the traditional brands. But unlike the Alessi AR-1, this project counts with the latest technology and the backing of some big names of the industry, in addition to a structure more transparent and accessible, such as support for the project, Falcon Motorsports.

Built on a aluminium frame with the soil in carbon fiber reinforced with kevlar, all elements of the bodywork are made of carbon fiber. Suspensions, mechanical and transmission from the Corvette Z06, which contain elements of the coach Lingenfelter.

Its base price is above $ 200,000, and its mechanical twin-turbo V8 has different levels of power, having even a version 1.100 horses.


The three different iterations of the Ford GT, the new GT 2017 at the front.

Ford GT40 and its successor, the Ford GT

the legend of The Ford GT40 continues to resonate in the minds of the fans to the motor, especially the americans. Hence, in the mid of the past decade, Ford has decided to to rescue the peculiar forms of the Ford GT40 original, and the launch of the GT model neo-retro 2005, which has been derived from 10 years later in the current Ford GT 2017.

originally Conceived as a model of competition, the original was extremely radical, in fact, its name indicates its height of 40 inches, only 1.02 meters. Winner at Le Mans from 1966 to 1969., it is one of the iconic models of the test French.

His successors were rescuing both its architecture and its aesthetics, in the case of the Ford GT 2005 turning out to be almost a reproduction of the original with as the GT40 from a V8 engine, in the case of the GT in 2005 to 558 HP and maximum torque of 678 Nm.The new GT model 2017 has a mechanical V6 EcoBoost 3.5-liter and the lack of confirmation on the part of the mark, this will have over 600 HP.


promotional Image file with the different variants of the Consulier GTP.

Consulier GTP / Mosler

This is most likely one of the models most rare of this report, since although it can be defined as a frankensteiniano artifact made with numerous pieces drawn from very diverse sources, many of them not belonging even to sports as their four-cylinder engines Chrysler. The Consulier GTP has the honor of being the first model in history to have a frame that it gave up any metallic element.

Made in the mid-eighties by the company that would eventually become the Mosler, had a chassis monocoque fibre-glass, kevlar and foam. It used to house mechanical sedans Chrysler four-cylinder in the best of cases had 190 horses. Although the weight of the GTP was only the ton.

Its creator was so proud of his strange creature that launched a public challenge, stating that would pay $ 25,000 of the time who post a record to your beast in circuit. The publication Car and Driver agreed, and with a C4 Corvette managed to beat the Consulier on the test track at Chrysler in Michigan. This resulted in controversy, as Mosler was discovered later that the GTP-employee was a test vehicle and modified without a proper maintenance, so he challenged back to the magazine, which rejected finally the rematch.

the evolution of The GTP resulted in the following generations of the Mosler, once the manufacturer changed the name of the company and evolved the hard to see Consulier GTP.


More known by the great audience for the film series ‘Back to the Future’, the DMC-12 is one of the icons of the motor american.

DeLorean DMC-12

best known for his role in the famous trilogy of Hollywood, the DeLorean DMC-12 is an icon as all-american sports. Devised by one of the great figures of the industry of that country. , John Z. Delorean, one of the fathers of the Pontiac GTO, and developed by Lotus to then be manufactured in Ireland, the DMC-12, she starred in out of screens a lot more stories than Michael J. Fox to their commanders.

The project was John DeLorean in jail, and not having died, in 1982, also Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus. But after the fiasco, industrial and commercial, the DMC-12 remains a model to be revered. Despite its anemic mechanical V6 source PRV, its aluminum body naked and their particular forms have led to that, for decades, has not stopped gathering followers.

The current owners of the rights to the brand announced recently that prepare the manufacture of a nuevatirada limited of the DMC-12, thanks to the new law allows to manufacture short series of models that normally would not be approved with current standards.


Under all that fiber glass we find a huge block V8 7.0-liter.

Vector Aeromotive W8

This signature occurred from mid 80’s to late 90’s a few copies of the W8 and the M12, this last when the company belonged to the indonesian Megatech, the owner of Lamborghini from 1994 to 1998, and taking as base the Lamborghini Diablo to reincarnate the Vector W8 in the M12, which only differed from the Italian model for his unusual fiberglass body.

The W8 was a model of exaggerated shapes with a huge V8 7.0-liter rear. Apart from a few appearances in the film, the most famous of the model was that tennis player Andre Agassi bought it and return it to the manufacturer shortly after, since that had been the victim of a fire spontaneous.

Few units sold and awful termination, in addition to the struggles over the ownership of the company between its founder and Megatech, is the resumen perfect a model that even features that did not make the copies announced. Coming even to change the color of the same prototype between different events to appear before the media that they were different versions.


Versions family sedan for the Chevrolet Corvair

Chevrolet Corvair

single family model from this list, presented to users as the revolutionary model of Chevrolet, but whose manufacture and design became a vehicle very unsafe. Causing the famous book by Ralph Nader “Unsafe at any speed”.

Endowed with an engine hanging behind the rear axle air-cooled, like the Volkswagen Beetle, the Corvair had with bodywork sedan, coupe,cabrio, and family. Manufactured from 1959 to 1969 he had two generations, but the first one is the sadly remembered for being the one that in certain circumstances he could lose control before the rest of the models peers.

The original idea was not bad, it was to make a conventional model with tints sports, in fact, its name is the union of the names of other models of Chevy, the Corvette and the Bel-Air. Finally, went down in history as a model poorly designed and dangerous, yet in spite of this, today has many fans in north America.


Its aesthetic supercar of the eighties hides one of the sports fastest on the planet.

SSC Ultimate Aero

The Ultimate Aero from Shelby Supercars, which has nothing to do with Carroll Shelby, was the closest contender that had the project Bugatti Volkswagen. This not only snatched the Veyron record car fastest in the world, also provided up to 2014 model most powerful production thanks to their 1.305 CV, now superseded by the Koenigsegg One:1.

With a body endowed with a forms extremely simplistic, hides a supercharged V8 6.3-liter that led him in 2007 to snatch the title the almighty Bugatti Veyron, with its 412 km/h of top speed, to then lose it in 2010 as compared to the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which was the 431.072 km/h.

In recent years, Shelby Supercars have been promoting the next evolution of your model, the SSC Tuatara designed by Jason Castriota, a model that seems to never arrive, despite having traveled the world with the eye-catching scale model of the new sports.


Inspired by the McLaren F1 Longtail, the S7 has been one of the great sport americans of central engine triumphed in the competition, with the version S7R.

Saleen S7

This is the work of a company of which we are more accustomed in Europe to see your modifications on the Ford Mustang, but that in the united States they also prepare race cars, having links with some of the teams and coaches racing’s most renowned. The S7 was precisely developed by RML, a company that has been in charge of the athletic programs of Aston Martin or Nissan in Group C, and several teams in the BTCC. So the S7 may not be considered a simple project of a garage with a huge V8 american after their seats.

In fact, its high quality and performance, as well as their sporting successes, gave as a result that has flowed numerous rumors and theories about its origin.

The reality is that the S7 Saleen is one of the great sport americans of recent times, developed and manufactured in the Uk by the masters of RML, with a mechanical V8 Ford 7.0-liter and exterior design of the own team Saleen, which is actually inspired by the versions Longtail the McLaren F1 that you stumbled into Le Mans in the nineties.


Version Spyder the Hennessey Venom GT, the convertible fastest in the world.

Hennessey Venom GT

Although we can define it as a Lotus Requires with a huge V8 over 1,000 horses, what is certain is that the genesis of the impressive Venom GT lies in Texas, when in Hennessey wondered what would happen if you join the small aluminum frame of the Lotus one of their huge engines prepared with more than 1,000 horses, as the same Hennessey recounts on his website. Mechanical unfolding of your modifications on models like the Viper.

The work of engineering was immense, in fact, there is little recognizable from the original model except for certain lines and features of the body. Its first version, equipped with a engine LS7 GM had more than 1,200 HP, which allowed him to boast a ratio weight / power of 1 kilo per horse. This variant was tested on the runway of NASA achieving a speed of 435 km/h. Record that could not be approved since they are not allowed to perform a past in the opposite direction.

few months Ago, the Hennessey tried to record again, but this time with the open version Venom GT Spyder, which equipped with an evolution engine that exceeds 1.470 CV, achieving a maximum speed of 412,96 km/h. So that became officially convertible fastest in the world.


originally Launched with a 4-cylinder 2.5-liter, Pontiac added shortly after, a V6 of 2.8 liters and 136 HP.

Pontiac Fiero

finally, the is really the only american sport central engine built in series, that is to say, in large quantities. Compact in size, the small Pontiac Fiero was just about four meters, and was originally a four-cylinder engine with 2.5 liters, whose main asset was its low consumption, but not its power. Hence, a short time after, Pontiac launched a version V6 2.8-liter and a 136 HP.

Although neither its architecture nor its design were in tune with the products that you would expect from american manufacturers of the time, what is certain is that the concept that embodied the Fierce had hanging around since several decades by the department of design of Pontiac. In 1964 and as a response to the successful Ford Mustang, one of the executives of Pontiac, precisely the previously mentioned John Z. DeLorean, ordered the design of a rival for the new pony car. The result was a sporty compact rear-engine, which was quickly cancelled. The Pontiac XP-833 or Pontiac Banshee, , who later would take the design of your body to create the Chevrolet Corvette C3.

once you have arrived to the market in 1983, the Fiero quickly became one of the models most polarising of the market. Your profile of two-seater mid-engine was loved by many, but precisely this earned him not a few detractors who claimed that the performance was very low for a two-seater of these characteristics and image. What is certain is that the sales were a success, in less than 5 years that was on sale were delivered over 370,000 copies, quite a record, especially if we consider that its nearest rival, the Toyota MR2 first generation, whose chassis was developed by Lotus Engineering, he could not sell even half of those units in their first 5 years of life.


only lasted on the market for five years, despite its great sales success.

The low power, a lazy transmissions four-speed and various reliability problems precipitated the fall of which he was called to become the authentic sports accessible american. Enjoyed in addition to an aesthetic very striking, although this was never accompanied by features that suggested its sharp-edged forms. As no one model american of the decade of the eighties.

From the Fiero, has not returned to have another model of serial production that has had a central motor in the catalog of any american firm.

however, rumors of a possible Corvette motor central have continued to generate headlines all these years. So if you finally meet all of the forecasts, in January, 2018 would be born a new model with the mechanics behind the seats in the united States.