All the circuits in the calendar will have to strengthen the security


Laurent Mekies, Director of safety, the FIA, has confirmed in the Autosport Show the FIA is sending reports to all circuits of the Formula 1 calendar to adjust the security of their designs.

It is given by the significant increase in the cornering and braking ability of the new cars, which have seen their levels of downforce and the grip of the tires grows in a spectacular way this year. “Each team has received a request to provide simulations of the cars from 2017. We have used these simulations to feed our software and, subsequently, we simulated each track with the cars of 2017. Increase a lot the speed in the curve, up to 40 km/h in the high-speed”, said Mekies.

The head of the agency’s safety regulator confirmed that “each circuit is receiving a request for update in function of the work, the process is underway. What we are doing in function of the order of the championship and some circuits have not received it yet”.

in Addition, Mekies said that the studies on the HALO are finished and now you just need those involved to decide if they want to implement it in the Formula 1. “The engineering work is done, they have to decide if it is right for the F1 or not, the net benefit of security is established”. The HALO is designed to deflect large debris and objects, and, according Mekies, FIA estimated a 17% increase in the probability of survival on the part of the pilots.