All the Honda launched in Europe will be electric and this hatch with a retro look will come in 2019

At the Frankfurt motor show, the japanese manufacturer surprised to announce that from now on all the models that launch in Europe will have its electric version. In addition, the Honda Urban EV Concept will reach the market in 2019.

Andhis week, the japanese manufacturer surprised with a prototype of a retro look, inspired by models of Honda three decades ago, a conceptual work called Honda Urban EV Concept that uses an electric propulsion system.

After its debut at the Frankfurt motor show 2017, Honda confirmed that it has the retro look will be produced in series starting in 2019. The car boasts a design of futuristic lines, and at the same time account with the simplicity and the silhouette of the cars that the brand was selling in the 1980s.

With a minimalist design, the Honda Urban EV Concept not only reminds us of those early (and small) Civic, but also to other models that travelled the roads in those years, as the first generation of the Volkswagen Golf or even the SEAT 127.

But in addition to the japanese brand went above and beyond, not only this small hatchback electric will hit the market in 2019, but also announced the electrification of its full range, since each new model that is launched in the european market will be offered in electric version.

With respect to Urban EV Concept, we are still two years of its launch, but Honda already anticipated that the model will premiere a new platform for electric models of the company. Of course there will be many changes from the prototype, although it is expected that the production model keep the same lines.

By the time the manufacturer has not released precise details about your package of lithium-ion batteries, or your engine, as well as which will be their autonomy, although we understand that information we will know the extent to which the design of the production model is going to take shape. Taking into account that this new Honda electric will hit the market in 2019, next year maybe we can get to know it in a format that is more close to the model that will finally be produced in series.