All the Tesla Model S called to review by the safety belts

Tesla Model STesla Motors has just announced a new call for review to the Tesla Model S. Unlike the last call review of Rolls-Royce involving a drive, on this occasion they are all the Tesla Model S which will have to go through the workshop to do some checks that a technician will be out in about five minutes.

earlier this month discovered a defective seat belt in a Tesla Model S that was delivered to a client’s european, and as a precaution, the u.s. firm will review all of the manufactured units, amounting to more than 90,000. By the time the mark has already reviewed 3,000 units in which the defect was not present, and it is therefore more likely an isolated case. According to the brand, in the event of an accident the belt damaged would not provide adequate protection to the passenger.

Tesla Model S

The problem affects the front safety belts

In this inspection will review the safety belts, front electric sedan, that are anchored adjacent to the pretensioner pyrotechnic to the chassis by two plates screwed to each other. In the unit in which the fault is detected the screws were not well placed, being able to loosen the belt from its anchor. The client detected the problem when he turned to talk to the rear passengers and to exert pressure on the belt, it is desancló.

Tesla also has advised its customers to test themselves, by pulling force of the belt to see if the problem manifests itself, and in that case, act with total haste to correct the problem.

This is the call to review most numerous that has ever made Tesla, since it affects in its entirety to the Model S. The most recent dating back to January 2014, when a problem of wiring could cause overheating, which in the worst cases it could trigger a fire.

Source – Automotive News

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