All you need to know about the Opel Ampera-e


The Ampera-and it is the first model completely electric Opel that comes as a minivan, subcompact 4,19 meters. Developed in conjunction with the Chevrolet Bolt, offers a range exceeding 400 km with a single charge.

world Novelty at the Paris Salon, a few months ago we learned that the Spanish market would not arrive in 2017, as it will in other european markets such as Norway, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, where it is scheduled to launch commercial from the beginning of the next summer. And to your price, with no confirmation yet, it seems that there will be 35,000 euros, except in Norway that will be around 33.500 euros.

Compared with his twin brother to the american market, the Chevrolet Bolt, in principle the Ampera-e will be offered only with a charged version of equipment and a series of options: to choose between an upholstery fabric in gray color galvanized dark in the inner part of the seats and the exterior in light grey or leather, in a combination of light grey colour on the back and dark grey on the outside.


Detail upholstery. Image above combination of fabric. Image below of leather.

For car body, Opel offers a range of seven colors, with the only option in solid White and six more metallic look: Orange Amber, Red, Cajun, Blue Kinetic, Blue Arctic, Black Onyx and Grey Nightfall.

The optional equipment is complete with a single option, alloy wheel, 17″ in the design of the five twin-spoke and a finish of carbon. The rim series will be like, but without the finish of carbon.