Almost 550 km/h: Venturi smashed the speed record for electric vehicles


Bonneville continues to be the ideal place to establish registers of high-speed. After the 421 km/h Honda achieved with their small engine of 660 cubic centimeters, on this occasion we have a new world record speed for electric vehicles: the prototype Venturi VBB3 has registered an average of 549,4 km/h.

plains salt of Bonneville, in Utah, have kilometres and kilometres of extension, so they are one of the places most conducive in the world for this type of records. The Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3 has been waiting for since the year 2013 for this new feat, but the bad weather has made it impossible… until now.


This speed record for vehicles with an electric motor, is still pending of approval FIA, surpassing the previous record which was also the property of Venturi, more known by his team of Formula E. The pilot in charge of commanding this Venturi VBB3, a streamlined racing car of 3,000 HP, 3,500 kilograms of weight and more than eleven meters in length, has been Roger Schroer, who states that soon they will try to overcome it:

“At these speeds you have to focus on what you have in your hands, and not in the emotions. I think we can go further. This week the track was in good condition, without instability in the vehicle, much better than the previous weeks during the development and pre-testing. We always have to be patient and wait for the track to be ready.”

In this way, the French surpass your own record, which had been established by the prototype VBB2.5 in 2010 to 494 km/h. On this occasion, the VBB3 has reached a maximum speed of 576,15 km/h, but the registry is set with the average speed over 11 miles, in two passes. Impressive, although it still falls far short of the more than 1,600 km/h that is expected to achieve the Bloodhound SSC7 soon…