Alonso, about winning the Indy 500: “it Is much larger than any position in Monaco”


The paddock of Formula 1 reacted in very different ways to the news that Fernando Alonso go to contest the Indianapolis 500-mile race. In general, there have been several main streams of thought: there have been pilots and relevant figures have congratulated Alonso for the daring, with some riders coming in to discuss the possibility of doing the same thing, or similar, in the future; and some that, almost compassionate for the performance of the MCL32, are limited to consider that is a good option for Alonso to fight for something tangible this year.

however, many of the opinions expressed publicly by the pilots, who are also defending their own interests and those of your team and sponsors, were of disbelief. Several of them have shown don’t understand that Alonso choose to miss a voluntary basis the iconic Monaco Grand Prix to race in Indianapolis. Even the own Nico H├╝lkenberg, who two years ago won the 24 hours of Le Mans for Porsche, said that it would not have raised anything similar if I had course to miss a single race.

The point of view of the principal involved, obviously, is quite different from that of their peers of grill, even in spite of that lost the race in which McLaren deposited a large part of their hopes to score points this season. Alonso has stated on several occasions its desire to complete the Triple Crown, and his statements show that he knows the prestige of the race, and what it entails to run on it. Without going more far, in the press conference offered in Alabama, replied indirectly to one of its critics, opining that “they are not happy with anything”.

According to Motorsport, the Spanish rider has regretted not being able to compete in Monaco for the coincidence of dates, but says that the chance of winning a big race like the Indy 500 means more to get it in Monaco a good position: “Monaco is, without a doubt, the career for which I’ve been preparing during the whole season, because we should be competitive there. This coincidence of days with the Indy 500, it’s bad news in that aspect but, in general, I have much more to gain and little to lose. In Monaco, even if it is in the top 5 or the top 3, is well, it is a result enjoyable, but the great possibility of winning a race legendary is much greater than any position in Monaco“.

Alonso emphasises, therefore, that what really noticiable is not the fact that it does not go to participate in Monaco, if you do not do it in Indianapolis, with all the meaning this entails, in addition to the symbolism of the return of McLaren to a test that built part of its history. this is Not only that not to go for a run in Monaco, the biggest news is that I’m going to compete in the Indy 500, and it is something that is attractive. Is a unique day for motorsport, the McLaren-Honda will compete in Monaco and at Indianapolis on the same day“.

of course, Alonso will not remove eye to your team in the streets of the Principality, and ensures that your absence “will not have too much impact on the team”, so he hopes that both his companion as his former teammate and surrogate meet with the expectations of McLaren: do well, both. Jenson knows the team and knows the car, you will maximize whatever they have in Monaco. The possibility of adding points there is a very real, and if someone can make that work, it is a Jenson, so we are all happy. Anyway, Stoffel will put the car in the best possible position; with luck, the team will be able to score points. That depends on many things, because Monaco is a unique race, but I think that’s going to be okay”.