Alonso aims to finish seventh is “the only revolution” possible in the McLaren


Sixth abandonment of the Spanish McLaren in a season in which his team didn’t just soar. Honda said that they came to this Grand Prix of Great Britain with a bearing of the MGU-H is modified, but the reliability has returned to bring problems to the japanese.

“I Think that the fuel pump was the official version”, explained Fernando Alonso after getting off the car. “We did lose power and we had to withdraw. We were not nor in the points, so that is a retreat of those that hurts a little less, always within what hurts is not being able to finish the race”. 32 back lasted your MCL32 on the track, until the moment in which he was asked by radio to return with him to the garage to retire. “difficult weekend, went out last with the penalty, let’s hope that come best”.

it Is a retreat of those that hurts a little bit less

In the output was reasonably good, and the pace was acceptable, with his partner rolling on the latest positions that are awarded points, although the belgian would end up outside the top ten behind Felipe Massa. Alonso points out that they carry “four or five Great Prizes touching the top ten, the area of points, skimming the Q3, and here it was a weekend like that, but the reliability continues to be one of the things that we have to improve”. In Russia couldn’t even start the race, but hoped to be able to complete the Grand Prix of Hungary.

His flying lap during Q1, which was placed in the first position, will be as “the most amusing moment of the weekend”, putting on a good face to bad weather, but the current situation in the team is not the most optimal for the champion. Asked about the hopes that the houses facing the next round of the world championship, the #14 responded with a categorical “No”. The only thing to what they intend to opt out is to “have a good race, but it’s not going to revolutionize the position or the championship. We know that there are two Mercedes, two Red bulls and two Ferraris, therefore, the seventh is the first position to the which you can choose, and here we were eighth or ninth in Q3.”

Finally, Alonso ensures that “the only revolution” who can untie it would be the finishing just behind these three teams leading the classification, so that they will try to “catch points or secure them in a better way than in these races, in that yes, we can score, but needs to pass something in front of us. I hope that in Hungary we can score on its own merits, but always in those positions”.