Alonso believes that the secrecy of the Formula 1 is “end”


One of the biggest criticisms that the Formula 1 has had since do years is that the professionalization of the category and the increase of the media coverage has led to a secrecy so intense and the fans can’t interact with the protagonists.

That is something that Fernando Alonso shares, as he has declared to The Spanish rider believes that the access to the paddock “is very restricted. There is No access for the fans, the autograph sessions are chaotic… I believe that there are many things that change, and easily upgradeable”.

But Fernando Alonso believes that it is possible to change that and get the fans to be part of the show and they feel involved, especially if the control is well organized. “Yes, I think so. In the end the fans are part of the sport also, and I believe that there are terms means, do you not? With too many people it is difficult to live or have a normal activity, but what we have now is a little extreme. Even when I’m with my family trouble entering my father and my mother to a race, so it’s a little extreme,”, said the Spanish McLaren.

Liberty Media has a lot of experience in big events americans and Alonso thinks that they can get a balance that pushes the Formula 1. “Are people who come from other sports also in America with a lot of experience, so you certainly have good ideas. We are here to help them, to support them in whatever way is possible and they certainly from the outside you see things that don’t work”, ended Fernando Alonso.