Alonso: “Brown says that this year we’re not going to win, I keep the optimism”


Fernando Alonso on Friday offered in a live meeting to his followers through Instagram and answered to many questions, both in Spanish and in English.

The Spanish rider was more motivated than ever to face the challenges offered by the new Formula 1 season and, although he recognizes that it will be difficult to trim as much of an advantage to Mercedes, does not want to be marked boundaries, and, in a certain way, to bring the contrary to the Executive Director of McLaren: Zak Brown. “you have to be cautious, I have read Zak Brown that this year will be difficult to win. Who knows, I keep the optimism. I’m better than ever and I’m preparing like never before. You have to be prudent, we must be realistic and know that we need to cut back a advantage brutal in respect to the best, we will be prudent but we’re going to go all out, we’ll see the result. I am more motivated than ever”, said Alonso on direct 41.825 present in the direct.

“Maybe 90% of the drivers has not driven a Formula 1 seriously

The double World Champion spoke about the physical preparation for this season and said that the difference with other seasons basically is that the training has begun before. “I don’t think that changes the need for physical this year and at this stage of my career, with my body dedicated to be a professional life, what I need is to keep the head happy and free. Physically, I’m at the top, like never before, but don’t want to say that I have been more prepared, I have prepared the same, but with more time. Very slowly and ready”, said Alonso, that is considered to be an advantage having lived through the early years of this century, in which the cars had downforce similar to the one that we will see this year. “Maybe the 90% of the drivers has not driven a Formula 1 seriously, have driven cars that are only two seconds faster than the GP2 and who knows what they are doing. I’ve experienced cars that will not see and if this year we are going to improve for a few seconds, maybe it’s something similar. I have 16 years preparing the same. We’re going to improve a few seconds per lap, although sometimes you make predictions that are too optimistic”.

The objective of Fernando Alonso is getting to his best form in the Grand Prix of China, so we expected to reach 80% of their capacity in the pre-season test which begins on February 27. “I’m in the mountain trained at altitude, preparing to stop. I also see that the other riders are also preparing a lot since months ago. After 16 years in Formula 1 I know well and I know what I have to do and when to do what I have to do. I’m going little by little. I get to the 70-80% in the tests. I hope to be at 95% when we get to Australia and in China will reach the 100%”, commented the pilot of Asturias.

Mercedes and Red Bull: the favorites

Around the world points to Mercedes and Red Bull as the teams to beat this year, and Fernando Alonso believes the same thing, both for the background as for the change of regulation. “Surely Mercedes by the path that leads, has won the past three championships, and by the way in which they have done… are the favorites. Then Red Bull, that is very well adapted to the new rules, we will see how we adapt to all… it is a mystery and nobody can know, it is always so, but this year even more”.

Finally, Alonso spoke briefly of what will be his new partner in replacement of a Jenson Button that appeared for the live to joke around and ask questions to Fernando. Stoffel Vandoorne has so much prestige and Alonso is sure to be a great performance. “Is his first season in Formula 1, it will be very fast, is a great pilot, a very good person, I am looking forward to work with him, sure that we will spend it well together”.