Alonso, cautious: “The LMP1 non-hybrid will be a threat”


The classification of the 6 Hours of Spa left, in the first instance, a doublet of the Toyota TS050 Hybrid, a result that was undone hours later by the exclusion of the Toyota #7 by an irregular technique. This penalty leaves the Toyota #8 Fernando Alonso to the front of the grill of the 6 Hours of Spa, something that however does not seem to reassure the spaniard. In fact, Alonso warns that the LMP1 private are very fast and that the difference of the LMP1 non-hybrid with the Toyota TS050 Hybrid will be reduced in stroke, to the point of considering them as contenders to the victory.

despite outdo in 1.4 seconds the first of the LMP1 private in qualifying, Fernando Alonso has shown to be concerned about the level that their opponents can have in the race: “In FP3 finished in the second and fifth place. I Think the LMP1 non-hybrids are definitely fast. In my opinion, even too fast. We have done a very good job in qualifying to maximise our performance. We have an impulse and a different technology that in qualifying we help. race distance on our rivals may be more consistent because we can not drain the battery as you may do a return”.

In this line, the two-times world champion added: “So I think that the LMP1 non-hybrid will be a threat, that is for sure. It is a race that we must win not only against them but also against the own race, with all the difficult conditions that might arise. To prepare, I saw the six hours of the camera aboard the Toyota #8 last year. Looking from the outside is interesting, although long. Even so, you an idea of the traffic and of complicated situations, as well as all the things that could happen”.

More relaxed, Alonso also commented on the life in the paddock of the WEC in connection with that which is in Formula 1: Is perhaps more modest, but no more quiet. There is so much restriction with the passes and there are many fans, but it is part of the game. In the end it’s like Daytona or Indianapolis, it’s all a little more free for the fans. Are here and have a closer contact with the drivers and teams, which is good in some way. Maybe because the first race is a little heavy for us, but I think that is the best”.