Alonso changes the design and the brand of your helmet: Schuberth to Arai

Casco Alonso 2015

Helmet of Fernando Alonso in 2015

Fernando Alonso has shown on its official Twitter a photo of a preview of what will be his new helmet for the season 2016. Although it is similar, with the dominance of the blue of the flag of Asturias and the famous rayso or arrows silver that accompany the pilot oviedo since I was in karting, there will be some changes in the design of the new helmet. But it is not the only thing that has surprised with the image displayed in the social networks.

one of the things that has attracted attention is the helmet no longer is the brand Schuberth, has now been passed to the brand Arai of helmets. So not only varies the design of the helmet of Alonso, also the provider of helmets has changed. But this mark had already been used by the pilot before, since Schuberth was used from 2010 to be a partner of Ferrari. The agreement made by Schuberth and Fernando, it seems that expires and has returned to the Arai (as the head of Honda’s…sure there will be jokes about it).

Avance del casco de Alonso para 2016

Advance to the helmet of Alonso for 2016

Arai has accompanied the pilot in his years with Renault, and that changed to Schuberth when he joined Ferrari as I said in the previous paragraph, since this firm is a partner of Maranello since 2001. However, Fernando has worn Arai helmets since 2004 when he started with Renault. Without a doubt, an important change that has shared Fernando Alonso with all of us in the social networks and let’s hope that not only the hull to bring us memories of times like 2005 and 2006, but also the performance on the track.

in Addition, the design of the helmet of Fernando Alonso, has been changing slightly, from the first designs passing the time by McLaren in which you changed to black, but then returned to its original design trying to adapt to the colors of the Renault on his return. After this, the blue has remained in the hull of the spaniard and this year it looks like that will be relied on even more. Many changes for this year, as both the cars and the helmets of the pilots will have new designs that we’re looking forward to discovering…