Alonso compares the current F1 with the “boring” times of Senna and Prost


It tends to demystify any time in the past and, in which in Formula 1 terms, that effect is enhanced even more by the effect of the epic of the race. So at least believes Fernando Alonso, is of the opinion that the races of the late 80’s and early nineties were not very different from those of today because we had to contemporize it in excess and there were few alternatives on track.

For the Spanish, “the Formula 1 of then was very boring. If you see a race of 1985, 1988, or 1992, you stay asleep because in the race were the Mclarens. Doubled in the fourth and had 25 seconds of difference between each car. There were ten dropouts because the reliability was not very good. Now the figures of audience and spectators to decay as happened in those years, boring in the eighties, when Senna, Prost, and all these pilots were saving gasoline, saving tires and stuff. Now it’s as boring as it was then, said Alonso in a statement to Autosport.

For Fernando Alonso, the chances of the current era are endless, but everything is overshadowed by a competition that does not seek to maximize the possibilities of speed of the cars now. “The resources, the budget of the teams and the technology that we use allow you to that these cars are fantastic machines that, probably, go beyond any physics that the human being respects. But we don’t have that feeling. We have a car that is too slow and has no grip. We are sitting in a single seater but we have the feeling of a GT. I think that this (the new regulations) will make it more fun and pleasurable piloting, because we will feel that bond and be able to push it in the curves”.


For Spanish, the best time was the one that gave beginning with the TWENTY-first century and, until the new propellers came on the scene, bringing with it control of consumption and tire. “I Think Formula 1 has grown a lot. Many manufacturers entered into the 2000. The audience and the attendance reached its highest point. We take Formula 1 to new countries, such as Korea, India, Singapore, we had two races in Spain… That was the maximum. And it is likely that you do not understand the situation. The costs were very high, the technology was very high and some manufacturers they marched”, says Alonso as a result of the high costs of a technology that is extremely complex.