Alonso considers it “completely unacceptable” what happened in Bahrain and Russia


Fernando Alonso appears to be another person when you saw a pilot of Formula 1 and the smile that we see in him when he talks about everything associated with the Indy 500 goes away to face the harsh reality of McLaren-Honda.

And that is the team has suffered the embarrassment of leaving with one of their cars even before the start of the race at the last two grands prix, the Bahrain and Russia.

therefore, there is not much hope of doing well in the Grand Prix of Spain, but what Fernando Alonso is clear is that it is not something that can be considered acceptable in a team of the level of McLaren. “we will See what we can do here. The first step is to improve what you have done until now, that is not complicated. After you find out how competitive we can be in this circuit, with the improvements that brings the whole world things may change. Then there is the reliability. We have to improve, I hope for us to be the starting point of a new championship”.

“In Bahrain, Stoffel began the race in Russia I… Completely unacceptable”.

The renewal of Zak Brown

Another of the topics that Fernando Alonso has been dealt with in the press conference of the FIA that has been invited in the afternoon of Thursday has been the change of approach that McLaren has experienced this year after the departure of Ron Dennis of the team forced by the other shareholders of the company.

in this regard, Fernando Alonso says that “Ron (Dennis) had a fantastic time in the past with much success at McLaren”, but points out that “now, with Zak, things are a little more open, both inside as you outside. Is different, both commercial and technical”.

The Spanish rider believes that his participation in the Indianapolis 500-Mile race with McLaren and the team Andretti is a clear example of how open that is McLaren now, and believes that, sooner or later, also will return to Le Mans. “I Think that you can do with the Indy 500, I think McLaren will be there in the future, I think that will be in the 24 Hours of Le Mans as it was in the past. They won in both races. That’s the biggest change within McLaren”.