Alonso force his physical recovery to return as soon as possible to the car


Fernando Alonso is going on in the Grand Prix of Bahrain in the wall, like a lion caged. The pilot asturian cannot compete by the aftermath has left the accident in Australia, more specifically in the area of the torso, where he has a broken rib. However, wants to return as soon as possible to work physically and get butt-face for the Grand Prix of China, whose presence today is still in the air.

Alonso asked his physio that he vendase the chest to be able to play tennis

Alonso wants to prove that his recovery goes well and that it may soon be as before the scare in Melbourne. In fact, according to have told in Movistar F1, he asked his physiotherapist and confidant, Fabrizio Borra, that will put a bandage on your torso to immobilize the rib that was fractured because he wants to start to be tested: playing tennis, running, etc, The doctors will advised against, obviously, because the main thing right now is that the rib weld well. On the night of Thursday to Friday went better than the previous, and although he has rested, he still has work ahead.

His participation in the GP of China is not, for anything, guaranteed. This kind of ailments it can take up to two months to heal completely, and you will not know for sure if Alonso will be in Shanghai in two weeks. The FIA must give the OK in about ten days, before landing in the third round of the World.