Alonso: “From Singapore we will try to be behind Red Bull”


Fernando Alonso faces with renewed optimism of the last few races of the season, in which the McLaren-Honda will not suffer as much as at Spa-Francorchamps and Monza, circuits that require a lot of power in the engine.

The spaniard, who signed in the lands of belgium the fourth Grand Prix for McLaren in the points of the last five matches, says that Monza is the career more complicated of the year for us and
since we still have a deficit of power, it will be difficult, but in the Spa
also and we got a good amount of points with a comeback”
, ” said the Spanish media moved to Monza.

“The improvement of the last months is incredible

Alonso admits to being happy, because we don’t need other teams to score,
what we can do for ourselves all the races: add and
enter in Q3, with the two cars. The improvement of recent months, it is
amazing, no one has improved so much in a year. We are optimistic for the
next year, though the last push will get it back”
, something that no doubt McLaren and Honda should be complete in the winter break between seasons.

McLaren has an advantage: it is the team that more effort is putting in to develop the car this season, introducing new pieces while the others have declined or even stopped pacing to focus on the car of 2017. Alonso is aware of this and hoped to get closer to Red Bull at the end of the year. “From Singapore we will enjoy the improvements that will come
there, Suzuka, Austin and Abu Dhabi, where we are competitive and
try to be after Red Bull”