Alonso: “Hamilton has had it too easy”


Lewis Hamilton has gotten the world title, fourth in the Formula 1, when there are still two races still to be won, something that also managed to Mercedes in the constructors ‘ championship at the previous appointment in the united States.

That, according to Fernando Alonso, indicates that both have had it too easy to win. “This year has been too easy, Mercedes has won constructors to four races from the end, Hamilton to three. I hope that McLaren-Renault change things in that regard”, said the Spanish.

The partnership between McLaren and Renault should allow the team to ascend noticeably on the grid and Fernando Alonso speaks even put in trouble to Mercedes, something theoretically out of reach in 2018. To do this, the Spanish is based on the performance of the car this year in the curves. “Hamilton knows how strong is the McLaren in the corners, also saw it in the race. I hope that next year we can make matters a little more things”.

Both lived an intense duel for the ninth place in Mexico, a position that finally got Lewis Hamilton on the third attempt overtaking. Fernando Alonso commented after qualifying Saturday that, at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, the McLaren was the fastest car of the grid and only the Honda engine prevented that is reflected in the results.