Alonso: “I Am over the top for you not to relax, that I’m not taking a vacation”


The Spanish re-make it clear that, while it continues in
McLaren-Honda, do not think to rest even for a minute to get the
goal return to win
and, even less, the computer is allowed to
in accordance with what has been obtained until the moment.

The ultimate victory of Fernando Alonso in the Formula 1 is produced
in the Grand Prix of Spain 2013 and his last podium in the
Hungary 2014. on The 27th of July will be met two years and
Alonso still think back to being walked on and, after that, to get
his third title.

In an interview granted to Sky Sports, the Spanish influences in the
determination that still feels to win and how to tap the
computer to not lower the arms. “I Want to win in everything
I do in life. I count the days to the next Grand Prix and the
next opportunity. No doubt there is frustration. I’m over
all over the world to make sure that we do not relax and take
too many holidays because I don’t I take a vacation”

a few days Ago, Flavio Briatore defined the role of Fernando
Alonso as a “retired deluxe”, and expressed regret for having advised the
Spanish to sign for McLaren. Alonso doesn’t understand why he said so,
even though he understood that Briatore feels sad to see the team so
back. “I don’t know why he said that, he was one of the people that
I persuaded to join the project (McLaren-Honda). But
I hope that we can give you some satisfaction in the coming year. He
is sad by the performance that the team displayed”

It constantly questions the decision of Alonso leaving
Ferrari, although he has not managed to obtain the title from your
launched, it has achieved some victories and several podiums. The
Spanish insists that it was a finished story and it was not possible to
go back. “No remorse. When you finish something in a
place it’s time to go, it is my feeling about my progress
Ferrari. I think that I gave the best of myself and it was the perfect time
finish high”

Are already ten years since Alonso achieved his second title
world and we all wonder often if you do not feel frustrated
by not having materialized the best years of his career in more
titles. Alonso puts his situation in perspective, comparing it with
the other riders with a huge talent and you have not gotten what
they deserved. “I Was in the track parade (return to the circuit of
the drivers on a truck before each race) with Nico (Hülkenberg), which was in first line in Austria and expected
get your first podium. It is a pilot supertalentoso , so do not
I can be frustrated when they can’t win”
said the Spanish pilot.