Alonso: “I have good sensations, the car responds well to changes”


McLaren-Honda has enjoyed a most productive day and fruitful on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya today. The team has been able to test various configurations of the tune, and has completed tests of correlation aerodynamics with paraffin, as well as with grilled sensors.

despite the fact that the day has started with cold, the temperatures of the path have been increased to throughout the day, with what the team has been able to carry out its program, although the wind has been blowing with more force by the afternoon.

Fernando Alonso has been able to take advantage of those circumstances to complete 72 laps, which are three more than the result of the sum of the previous two days.

“The most important thing with what we can get today is that we have been able to do many more laps that we completed Stoffel and I in the first two days. I Am happy to have been able to complete our plan for the day, collect a lot of new information and learn about the car, which is very positive after the problems that we suffer”.

“I have a good feeling with the car and we have made many changes in the set point from the first day. By now, the car is responding well to these changes and in general we are seeing small improvements each day in different areas.”

“The team has worked very hard today so that we could complete our program, we have advanced a lot, trying different elements and working with multiple configurations from set point. It has been a day valuable for us”.


Eric Boullier, Sports Director of McLaren, has explained the importance for the team to complete a minimum of kilometers that allow engineers and pilots to understand how to improve the car.

“We’ve had a day much better today and we are happy to be able to run our program with a full day on the track. I’m happy to say that we have not had significant problems and that the team has completed the program.”

“We are confident that the problems that we have lived up to the time they are little bumps that often form part of the tests. , The problems of Monday and Tuesday have made us lose valuable time on the pist, so that these mishaps on the first day may move to the third, simply because of a lack of break-in”.

“The more we filmed, the more we learn and, of course, may appear more problems that need to be resolved. However, there a minimum number of kilometres that we have to do in order to have sufficient data to understand the car and how to set it up and from there be able to make progress.”

“we Must keep our feet on the ground but even so the day of today has meant a boost for the team after a few difficult days and I hope we can do more miles tomorrow to gather more information to finish the week”.

Finally, Yusuke Hasegawa, head of the Honda Racing F1, says that the problem occurred in the engine of Fernando Alonso on the first day has already been solved and that soon you will get the answer about what happened to Stoffel Vandoorne for the following day.

“The last two days have been complicated for us by problems that we have experienced with the thruster unit.However today we have been able to progress and complete our program, in which we tested the durability and supply of the power unit”.

“we had Already found a solution regarding the problem with the oil tank that we suffered the first day with Fernando and we will soon receive a clarification from Honda R&D in Sakura on what is the root cause of the fault experienced by the car of Stoffel yesterday. Today we have shown some reliability and we hope to be able to move forward more morning next to McLaren”.