Alonso: “I’m going to ride 27 on Sunday, but I’m going to do 30 events advertising”


Within the complex challenge of reconciling two complete programs in Formula 1 and the WEC, the easiest thing is to look at the volume of races that you will face Fernando Alonso throughout 2018. However, to compete with McLaren and Toyota does not only mean riding half the weekends of the year, but the volume of work that is generated behind. The publicity events, interviews, physical preparation and psychological and / or the test will complete the agenda of the asturian more than their own careers.

In this aspect, during the interview that has done the double champion of Formula 1 of the hand of Fran Valley, the spaniard also has had time to review all those issues that surround this new stage of his career, and that perhaps, can get away from the big focus in the media. The specific preparation for each race, the impact of your project and the preparation of the calendar are some of these details.

In line with this, Alonso has explained: “in The end, the least I have in the calendar are races, but this is what impresses“. In this line, the spaniard likes that maybe you can’t see on television: “I’m going to ride 27 on Sunday, but I’m going to do 30 events, advertising, numerous test… There are thousands of events in many parts of the world and is the best I’m going to have to manage. The races, after so many years, I can deal with it security“.

I Know my body, my needs, mode of travel, more effective and with little wear, so the challenge of racing is what worries me. The rest of the stuff I’m going to have to plan very well so that will consume my energy,” says Fernando Alonso. However, the Spanish rider looks better prepared than ever: “I’m fine physically. Surely this challenge of facing two World championships ten years ago it would have been more difficult for me. Even an error. Now I am 100% sure to be able to handle the mode that I am preparing“.


Example to other pilots

Speaking with a certain perspective, Alonso is considered to be a real privileged to be able to cope with this double challenge: “A similar program is something that has never been done before, because it is very difficult to do and can only be addressed in a particular moment of your sports career as in who I am now. Not everyone finds that moment“. And knowing that is a winner as is the Toyota: “it Is a challenge to courageous, regardless of the computer on which you are. Even so, I am sure to be with the best team of those who go to Le Mans and that gives me more security. I think that there is much to gain and much to lose, but deserves the pen“.

I Think that the race in Indianapolis last year was a good thing for motor sport in general. At Daytona, it was nice to see more people pointing. I think that is a good way to go, for the amateur and for the people who likes motor sports, but as I said before, you have to know when to do it, when to do it and above all, master your category,” explains Fernando Alonso in the last 24 Hours of Daytona coincided with riders such as Lance Stroll, Paul di Resta or with what is now his team mate at Toyota, Mike Conway.

Planning calendar

all in all, if there is something that Alonso, stresses above all at the time of carrying out this dual program is the calendar and its correct planning, as every detail can count to the end of the season: “This year is going to be very important to have everything very clear. Things which before we seemed to nonsense such as being two days at home, resting or eating well, are now key. Like other years, not what you did, but all that is in October will have an impact. It is necessary to design the year day by day to reach to the very strong November“.

however, the spaniard already has in mind the moment more hard, and at the same time important of the season: “October and November. Before we had three weekends followed, now I think I have eight. Russia, Japan, Fuji (WEC), Austin, Mexico, Brazil, China (WEC) and Abu Dhabi. If you want to get to a hundred by a hundred to October, there are things that in February you have to start to do well. You must save“.