Alonso: “In 2007, Hamilton was very protected by McLaren, now it would be different”


history of Fernando Alonso at McLaren during his first term in
the team from Woking was one of the episodes of more thundershowers
Formula 1 from the relationship between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost to
the end of the years 80. The Spanish, who came to the team as great
star of the category, saw as the fairy tale ended in
as a young rookie called Lewis Hamilton stormed to
compete for the title
in the season of its debut.

ended with Fernando Alonso breaking his contract to leave,
two years of penance in Renault before disembarking at Ferrari.
The years have passed, and the reconciliation between both drivers has been
highlighted on numerous occasions, as Alonso has
affirmed in statements to ESPN, environment in which he has ensured that,
so share computer today, things would go much

“I Think
that would be different. I am more mature and he also.
The teams are now more prepared for all of these
situations. If out team-mate Lewis some day, I think
that would be very different, because we’ve learned
we are different people.
Since we do not have is
for winning, because I think we respect each other very much

each other
All the world respects us a lot and pilotaríamos as fast as
we could, but with another level of respect

many hobbyists would be the duel dreamed of, since they are both
considered by great part of the hobby the best pilots of the
grill. Alonso recognised, though he believes that only he deserves
worth in a team that was in a position to win races.

I Think
that all the world would love to, but only if the computer is
competitive. It is
the same is the case Jenson and I, we have
a strong team and could fight for many important things,
but when the car is not competitive, our weekends are
a little anonymous
. You come here, you do your career and you’re going, no one is
give account of if you did a qualifying lap fantastic,
if you made a mistake in qualifying.”

has not yet decided which pilot will accompany Fernando Alonso in 2017, but Stoffel Vandoorne has many options
of get it. The belgian driver, as it happened with Lewis Hamilton, has been sponsored by McLaren from a young age, but Alonso does not
he thinks that he might repeat the story if you both share computer
the next year.

2007, Lewis was very protected by McLaren from age
early, it was part of the program and it was very fast
. We had
a very competitive car, so we struggled
for the Championship
the World
when nobody expected it and…it was
british. Stoffel is not
british, that is enough
difference, I think”.