Alonso insists Mclaren is the team that “can beat Mercedes”


it will Not be easy and will take time, but Fernando Alonso sees in the
project that McLaren and Honda have started together the only
opportunity to break the domination of Mercedes in Formula 1. After
a 2015 traumatic, the Spanish now see many reasons for the

Fernando Alonso has remained the same speech from the first
time, without fail in the worst situations and experiences of the year
past. The pilot of McLaren acknowledges in an interview to Channel 4
the thruster unit of Honda that competed in 2015 “it was
immature and was not prepared to compete,”
, further recognizing
“in terms of the contribution of the pilot there was not much that
do. There were other things to be improved first”

instead, now
things are different and it feels a lot more useful to the team.
“This year we will be able to focus more on the details to make the
fastest car. The car is better in all areas:
aerodynamics, engine, more mature… and although we understand their
weaknesses, never achieved the reliability is perfect, but is a
level is very decent. There is no part of the car worse than the year
past, but our opponents have also improved. But this can
to change at any time”


The own Alonso recognized in 2015 had not been the best
year of his career to level piloting
, in large measure, by what
complicated was to find the motivation to give 100% with a
car is so limited in many aspects. “last year I was not the
maximum level by the limitations of the car. In the final analysis only
win one and for me not much changes to be second to the fifteenth,
because not winning is equally as difficult to be motivated. The two
recent years have not been very different for me and at least now
I’m in a project that will see positive things and commitment
in the future”
, stressing once more that his time on
Ferrari had already expired without remedy.

And is that much has been made of the suitability of leaving Maranello
to finish on a project just as immature as the McLaren and Honda.
But the Spanish makes it clear, once more, that for him the
personal feelings are of far more value than the cold theory:
“This year we hope to return to our natural site, enjoy
the races and try to do something special when we can”.

“I Am in the perfect place to win it, but as an athlete
often don’t have the patience for a project to mature and get
results. You get anxiety and that is understandable, but I think that
this is the car that can beat Mercedes. They fight for the
title and we hope to be in this fight soon, it is still a
winning project that was able to break the dominance of Mercedes”

Obviously will not be this year, as Alonso acknowledged:
“That takes time and in Formula 1 there are no magic solutions, but
I see that we are going in the good direction. We needed to improve on
reliability and we are happy, in terms of performance, not
we will be until we win. We have the base and hopefully we can
unlock all of our potential
throughout the year”
, emphasized
an excited Ferdinand.

Much has been made of the obsession of Fernando Alonso by
get a third title that bears chasing after almost ten years,
but the Spanish are proud of what has been achieved and refuses to
lament: “I can’t be sad or frustrated for not
get it. It seems that I need to do it fast or I will have to
check out without it and it will be a drama, but I don’t see it as well. I’ve been a
privileged for winning two times, for 100 times on the podium and
there are things that I never thought to make my debut
. If I can do it,
well, but if it does I’ll me grateful”
, he said.


“I Hope that in 2017 we can go back to a F1 more normal and extreme”

One of the great hopes of many teams, including McLaren,
is the change of regulation which will occur in 2017 and that, by
unfortunately, it has not yet been definitely defined. “I Hope that in
2017, with the new regulations, the cars can be more
quick and we can go to a F1 more normal and extreme”
defending later the supremacy which, according to Alonso, even
it retains the Formula 1 in the world panorama of the races though
you have taken steps back in recent years. ,“is Still the
best competition in the world, but at the same time we have been a few
cars very fast and sophisticated about cars as seven or
eight seconds slower than years ago,”

Fernando Alonso will face the second Grand Prix of the year in
Bahrain with the hope of scoring after the good feelings of
Australia, but will have to do so with a new propellant after
damaged the first in the strong accident he suffered in the race.