Alonso: “it Is unfair that the pilots pay for an equipment failure”


The situation in McLaren seemed to go better in the Grand Prix of Austria, with a ‘Spec 3’ of the Honda engine, which increased the number of horses available propellant, to the couple that had a reliability more stable. However, it all went out the window when the spaniard had to back to the old model, because of a new failure of the bearings of the recovery of kinetic energy.

from then on, the concern of the team of Woking went on to be the decide what circuit would impair your pilot star, either at Silverstone or the Hungaroring. However, Fernando Alonso already think to play a good performance in britain, in which, according to his own words, “all the world knows that it is a track pilot”. To be part of a local team, Alonso claims that “as pilot of McLaren, is even more special, the welcome here is always fantastic”.

everyone knows Silverstone is a track rider

The circuit of Silverstone means a challenge to the 20 members of the grill, and after a career in Austria that only lasted one curve for him, the spaniard expects to have “more luck in our Grand Prize home of the we had last week”. On the other hand, points to the touch of Daniil Kvyat as “unfortunate incident”, discarding the anger, probably because of the lack of performance that would have shown the MCL32 even when a piece.

“I’m looking forward to see how it fits the car of this year the characteristics of Silverstone: a line of high speed, but with a great grip at the same time”. The fast corners will test the chassis of McLaren, in particular the bound of Becketts and Maggotts, which will give a good account of a slick larger than last year in the cars of 2017. “I am Confident that we can maximize the strong points of our car in the curves, and fight for the best possible outcome for the team”.

in Addition, Alonso has made reference to the recent statements of Mark Webber, who noted that pilots should not be punished doubly by replacing one of the components of the car, but that would be own teams who would have to receive the penalty. “The team could receive some kind of sanction, by points or similar”, explained the #14. “When we make a mistake, such as Carlos Sainz in Canada, received a penalty of three posts for Baku. It was a pilot error, and you pay for it. Why do we have to pay the pilots because of an equipment failure or a problem in the engine?”.

When you make a pilot error, you pay for it

“it Is unfair, but this is how it has worked in the past three years. It is a delicate topic, we’ll see what happens in the future”, was defending Alonso. “Our situation will never be as dramatic as in these earlier years; when they thought of the penalties, the drafting of the legislation three years ago, no one thought that a manufacturer would use twelve or thirteen engines, was not in the plans”.


His team-mate at McLaren, one of the rookies of the grill this season, admitted that the Grand Prix of Great Britain “it’s like my second home.”. It will be the first time you run with a british team at this track, but admits that special attention should be given “at the beginning and the last sector, require a lot of skill and a car well-balanced”. His two podiums in the ‘old’ GP2 demonstrate that talent you have, now you need to be able to do so effective on the track.